Going to post-secondary is an exciting time in anyone's life. You have big dreams of who you want to become, so the last thing you want to worry about is moving out. Whether you're going to university, college, a trade school or continuing education, we've got you covered. 

From moving day and preparing for it to setting up your first apartment and settling into a new city, we know how tough it can be. That's why we've put together the ultimate student survival guide, complete with an Avenue Living-style moving out plan for students. From a company who helps people find new homes on a daily basis, we've perfected the process and we want to share it with you. 


How to Prepare for Moving Out 

Moving Out Plan for Students: Make it Simple 

Moving homes can be a lot of work but having a solid plan can make the transition smooth. That's why we've created a list of eight steps to planning the perfect move out day so you can go through it like a pro without missing a beat. 

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The Ins and Outs of Renters' Insurance 

This may seem like an added expense that you simply don't want to pay, but we can tell you from experience that renters' insurance is an absolute must. Most rental properties require you to have it and with good reason — things happen, and you should be covered in the off-chance they do. We explain why, how and where you can get insurance. 

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Make Sure You Have Everything Ready for Moving Out 

If this is your first time living on your own, you're going to feel the need to buy everything all at once. Our tip? Keep it simple and affordable while you're a student. You don't need anything fancy or extra, just the basics to get you going. Here we've broken down must-have items for your new apartment by room. 

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What You'll Forget to Buy for Your First Apartment 

While you're swept up in the excitement of independence and firsts, you're probably forgetting some of the essentials. No, they're not as fun as shopping for new artwork or testing out furniture, but they're essential to setting up your space the way you want it. See which 10 things you're bound to forget. 

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Settle Into Your Apartment with Ease 

How To Furnish Your New Apartment Without Breaking the Bank 

Moving into a new apartment probably means you need (or want to) buy new furniture. Whether you require one piece or all the pieces, furniture can really add up depending on how and where you shop. If you're looking to save a few bucks but not sacrifice quality, check out this blog about buying furniture on a budget. We've got some unique ideas, fun tips and thrifty tricks to get what you want affordably.  

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How To Successfully Receive Packages When Living in an Apartment 

If you've ever lived in an apartment, then you know the struggle is real when it comes to receiving packages. However not to fear, we've laid out some stress-free options to getting deliveries successfully dropped off at apartment buildings from the three main mailing companies (and hacks for your favourite restaurant deliveries too).  

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Hang Pictures in Your Apartment Damage-Free (With the Help of Smartphone Apps) 

Now that you're all moved in, it's time to make your apartment feel like home. Here we've compiled some of the best ways to hang pictures the renter-friendly way, without damaging the walls. This way, you can have your trendy feature wall or hang your favourite art piece without damaging your walls.   

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Insider Tips for Life with a Roommate 

If you grew up with siblings, you know communication is key to cohabitating. This blog walks you through eight tips to live in harmony with your roommate, whether you're best friends or total strangers. Try these proven methods to make your home pleasant space for all its inhabitants.  

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Help Your Pet Love Your New Place as Much as You Do 

All Avenue Living apartments are pet-friendly, that means you can bring your furry friend along when you leave for school! Pets are just like people in that change is stressful, so remember this when you're moving somewhere new. Here are four things you can do to create a moving out plan for your pet.  

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How to Prep Your Apartment for Winter 

Winter in Canada can be quite cold, so it's important that you're prepared for whatever mother nature decides to throw at you. We'll walk you through how to keep your apartment warm without spending more, what minimal outdoor maintenance is required, and what you should do in case of emergency. Because it's better to be safe than sorry, eh? 

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How To Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home 

Give Your New Rental Apartment a Style Makeover 

Whether you've been in your apartment for two days or two months, there are always ways you can spice things up and make the space yours. In this blog, we include tips on how to personalize a space so that your new apartment becomes your own little haven. 

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How To Truly Turn Your Apartment into a Home 

Want to know what four elements turn an apartment into a home? We've drawn from industry experts to master the perfect layout and vibe that will make you feel right at home. With a little shopping, reorganization and personalization, you'll be surprised at how quickly you can transform your new place into a dream space. 

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8 Space-Saving Hacks for Enjoyable Day-to-Day Living 

Apartment living is great for many reasons, but it can start to feel small if you don't use your space efficiently. In this blog, we outline eight ways you can save space and jazz up your apartment at the same time. No more pesky messes to work around or fight about, because everything is about to have its own dang place!  

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The #1 Way to Create More Space at Home 

When you live in Canada, there are certain items you only use for six months of the year, but you choose to own them anyways. Think about your warm winter clothes, ski equipment, extra tires, your bicycle. We recommend renting a self-storage unit so you not only have somewhere to store your belongings, but can enjoy your apartment-style living space all year round. 

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Creating a Lifestyle You Love 

Avenue Living-Approved ways to Meet New People 

Moving to a new city can be daunting. You're leaving home and everything familiar to you, so the big move is about more than simply switching living spaces. We've been there and we know how it goes, so here are six ways to get out there and meet people in your new city. Whether you like to volunteer, play sports, join clubs or just chat, there's something here for everyone. 

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Why Spend More Money Than You Have to? 

Life is expensive — we get that. And you want to start saving for the future, whether that's going on vacation, signing up for a mortgage or just your annual school fees. That's why we've compiled some easy ways for you to save money around the home, in your daily routine and your lifestyle. 10 budget-friendly tips coming your way! 

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The Best Companions for Apartment Living 

Just like people, every dog is different. Here we walk you through three dog breeds that are great for apartment living, and how to best care for them in a smaller space. Besides loving the company, there are countless positives to owning a pet so we'll share the physical and mental health benefits you'll receive from choosing a furry companion.  

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Where You Should Rent 

Alberta and Saskatchewan Students Rejoice: Affordable Rentals Available! 

Whether you're going to school in Calgary, Lethbridge, Regina or Swift Current, we have apartments for rent in all the desirable neighbourhoods. From quiet and quaint to bustling and trendy, these apartments are close to popular school campuses, and fully equipped with amenities. 

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Calling All Lethbridge Students: This Apartment in an Established Neighbourhood is a MUST 

If you're seeking a new home in Lethbridge, Alta., we couldn't upsell Berkeley Square if we tried. This quiet neighbourhood is the oldest community in West Lethbridge, so it is well established with shopping, parks, green spaces, amenities and, of course, the University of Lethbridge. If you like a fast commute, a friendly community and bright interiors, check this space out. 

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Yorkton Goers: Welcome to Your New Home  

If you're attending Parkland College in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, these apartments are perfect for central living. With the historic building nestled on a quiet suburban street, you'll only be 10 minutes away from bustling streets and shops when you're ready to hit the town. Take a peek right here! 

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Having a solid moving out plan for students is crucial during a time of transition. A list of helpful tips, tricks and affordable options, moving to a new city just got a whole lot easier. 

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