Times are hard, work is stressful and quite frankly, you're not finding enough loose change in the couch anymore. If you're trying to save up for something but you aren't looking to significantly change your lifestyle in doing so, well then we've got just the list for you.


  1. Borrow

No need to shovel a ton of money on household items you only use every once and a while. Check in on your neighbours to see if they're willing to let you borrow it instead.


  1. Pack your own lunch

Stop grabbing a coffee on your way to work and buying lunch every day. Get coffee grinds and make leftovers from dinner to essentially eliminate the bulk of your day-to-day spending.


  1. Dollar store/generic brands

For less important household items or for food you aren't overly picky about, switch to cheap and generic brand names to avoid paying unnecessary premiums.



  1. Sweaters and blankets

Get your finger off the dial; it's time to throw on the sweaters and bundle up in blankets when it starts getting really chilly.


  1. Shorts and fans

Get your finger off the dial; it's time to throw on the shorts and turn up the fans when it starts to get scorching hot.


  1. Rethink cable

Cable television is starting to become obsolete; it may be time to reconsider it if you already pay for streaming services.



  1. Reconsider expiration dates

Expiration dates are not set in stone so they shouldn't be treated as such. More often than not, food and drinks are still good well after the date found on the packaging so you're better off making judgment calls instead of unnecessarily throwing everything away over faulty labels.


  1. Energy efficient lighting

Swap those old dim bulbs for bright compact fluorescent ones. You may pay a little more off the bat but they will last way longer and shine way brighter.



  1. Crock pot

Do you often resort to eating takeout because you just don't have time to make your own dinners? Get yourself a programmable slow cooker to come home to an already prepared gourmet meal.


  1. Utilize coupons

You wouldn't throw away a booklet if it had money in it, would you? Stop ditching the flyers you get in the mail or at the store because you're missing out on all kinds of good savings.



by Avenue Living Communities