You've just signed your lease and you're ready for student life off-campus filled with freedom. But, wait. What should you bring?  


Most rental apartments come with the basics, but it's on you to make it a home. While you're a student, keep it simple and live affordably. We've narrowed down your absolute necessities for student life off-campus, and a few extras to make your student rental apartment your own. 



Save this school year: Student Life Made Simple.



The Bedroom 

Your sanctuary. Your place to unwind. Make it comfortable. Start with your basic furniture like a mattress and a bedframe, then go from there. Don't forget extra blankets and pillows for colder nights. If you like to study alone, a desk and an office chair in your room gives you a comfortable working space, but it's not absolutely necessary if you're trying to do it on a lower budget. 


Get a fan for the bedroom to make sure you stay cool and comfortable in the summer, and it helps to drown out your roommates with the white noise when you're trying to relax alone. Noise cancelling headphones are also a must for listening to music and trying to study without outside distractions. 



The Kitchen 

Most of the things you'll need revolve around the kitchen. Do it affordably with at least one coffee mug, glass, frying pan, pot, spatula, tongs, chopping board, knife, and of course, a set of cutlery. Pack some containers for your leftovers and for meal prep if you really want to be prepared for student living. 


In most cases, an oven with a stovetop will be installed in your rental apartment. That might be all you need. If you want to make dinner time a little simpler, these appliances can be a lifesaver for your busy student schedule. Consider bringing a microwave, electric kettle, and a toaster. Some apartments may come with a microwave, so check with your landlord or ALC Leasing Specialist before you buy one. 


If you buy your coffee every day, consider making it at home instead - you could save around $100 a month by making coffee at home. Add your preferred brewing method coffee maker to your list, and you're good to go on your kitchen appliances.  


Studying with your classmates and roommates is just part of student living. For those late-night sessions and bonding time, a large dining table is the perfect option. Find cheap and free options through buy and sell websites or your student union. Alternatively, ask your landlord or ALC Leasing Specialist about previous residents. If there are students moving out, they may leave some furniture that you can use when you move in. 



The Living Room 

While focusing on your studies can be tough on time, there is still plenty of opportunity for fun and games during student life. For your living room, consider your seating arrangement. Multiple couches are the perfect option for a group, and options like bean bag chairs can keep things more affordable.  


Top this vibe off with a communal television, a coffee table, and even a stereo system for movie nights, board games, and evening hangouts.  


Consider lighting and storage as well, but they are not crucial to creating the perfect student living room. 



The Extras 

You've pretty much got the basics down, and now you want to add your own style. Start with lighting to improve your bedroom and living room moods, and try our easy makeover tips for apartment renters. 


Aside from your typical cleaning supplies, if you're in a suite with carpet you're going to need a vacuum. Find a suite with hardwood flooring throughout for simple cleaning with a mop and broom, plus you'll save on the carpet cleaning when you move out.  


If you're yet to find your student accommodation, consider a home nearby public transit for easy commutes to school. If you're going to the University of Lethbridge, have a look at Berkeley Square located just across the street. If you're in Saskatoon, try Berkeley Manor or Crescent Towers, and enjoy trails along the river all the way to the University of Saskatchewan every morning. Bring a bicycle, longboard, or skateboard as your mode of transportation if you're lucky enough to have this sweet commute. 


And don't forget, you can save $1,200 a year or more on student accommodation with Avenue Living Communities. Get $100 off a month on a 12-month lease. Ask your Leasing Specialist for more information and make student life simple. 



by Avenue Living Communities