Self-storage is a large industry, with many different options for you to store your belongings, it can get overwhelming searching for the best deal, and what will fit your needs. 

Security, accessibility, and affordability are the three key things you need to consider when selecting where to store your belongings. For a limited time, Mini Mall Storage Properties is offering Avenue Living Communities residents a great exclusive offer. Save 50 per cent on any unit for your first three months. With no obligations, use Mini Mall Storage Properties for short-term or long-term storage to fit your needs. 

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You can trust Mini Mall Storage Properties to keep your belongings safe and secure with fully fenced and gated facilities, reliable security features, extended access, and low-cost units to fit your needs.  

But why should you opt for a storage unit in the first place? 

Create Extra Space 

It's time for a spring cleaning. You should donate, sell, or throw away the things you no longer need. But when sorting through your clutter, a self-storage unit will help free up space in your home.  

It can be a challenge to part with some of your things. Think hard if you will use these items later, like in a future space when you have more room. Storage units are particularly great for storing keepsakes you don't need regular access to, but want to keep safe and secure without cluttering up your living space. 

Seasonal items often find a way to clutter up our space. When we only use them for a month or two in the year, it's worth storing in a nearby accessible storage unit. Store holiday decorations and winter sports equipment to create space at home. 

Students, Over the Summer 

Depending on what your living arrangements, moving furniture and your belongings back and forth over the summer is not ideal. Self-storage keeps your belongings safe without you needing to move multiple times in a few short months. 

Self-storage is an easy solution if you're going back to school in September, but in need of new student accommodation. If you're moving off campus or in with new roommates, store your things over the summer. Save yourself the stress with an affordable self-storage unit so you can relax back home ready for school next semester. And if you are in need of student accommodation, you can trust Avenue Living Communities to meet your needs with affordable student rentals in Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

Mini Mall Storage Properties has affordable self-storage locations in Camrose, Alta. near the University of Augustana, in Saskatoon, Sask. near the University of Saskatchewan, and in Lethbridge, Alta. near the University of Lethbridge

Safely Store Memories 

Our memories are ingrained in our belongings. Most of the time we don't regularly use these keepsakes, but we want to ensure they're safe and secure. Your family heirlooms for future generations can be stored safely and securely in a storage unit for when the right time comes to pass these items along.  

Aside from smaller belongings, many storage facilities offer specific custom units for RV parking, boats, and other vehicles. When you don't have a secure parking space at home, consider a storage unit for storing vehicles all year round. Store your vintage vehicle in a self-storage unit and keep the memories safe. 

Moving Home 

When you're moving from one home to the next, a self-storage unit can temporarily house your belongings. Say you're moving from one apartment to the next, but the dates don't quite line up. Mini Mall Storage Properties offers short-term storage solutions to help you between moves. 

A storage unit isn't just perfect for moving between homes, it also allows for a lower stress move when you're buying or selling a home. Rent a short-term storage unit so the stress of a possession date is not heightened by moving on the same day. 

Small Business Solutions 

Working from home is the tale of 2020. But when you operate your own business out of your personal space, you're blurring the lines between work and rest. Not to mention, you're probably taking up living space if you have inventory or business essentials stored in your living room.  

A self-storage unit is the perfect solution to free up space and separate work and home life. Store your inventory in a safe and secure self-storage unit, and with 24-hour access, you never have to worry about operating smoothly. 

50 Per Cent Off for Avenue Living Communities Residents 

From Cranbrook to Camrose to Ottawa, Mini Mall Storage Properties have safe, secure, and affordable storage solutions for you all over Canada. 

Their units come in a variety of sizes at several price points, so you only pay for the space you'll use. When life's becoming a puzzle with your belongings, trust Mini Mall Storage Properties for a solution.  Try their storage calculator to find the perfect size unit for you. 

Avenue Living Communities residents, you can save 50 per cent on any unit for your first three months. With no obligations, use Mini Mall Storage Properties for short-term or long-term storage to fit your needs. 

Visit the offer online for a coupon code. And visit Mini Mall Storage Properties to find a location near you, and learn more about safe, secure, and affordable self-storage solutions. 

by Avenue Living Communities