Your apartment is your home. We know while you're renting, there are limitations to what kind of modifications you can make to your space. From rearranging the furniture, to hanging new artwork and pictures, there are many things you can do to get a fresh look without making permanent changes. 


Here's our favourite ways you can makeover your rental apartment.


Create Your Own Health Jungle 

Psychologically, houseplants are a treasure trove. They can increase your mood, reduce stress, and improve focus. Physically, houseplants give off oxygen that can increase restful sleep, reduce allergies, and purify the air increasing moisture. 


Not only do houseplants offer actual health benefits, they also add a little life and colour to your home. Try a variety of different breeds of plants that add to your aesthetic. Swap out where they live from time-to-time to give you a fresh look. 



Spice Up Your Walls, Temporarily 

Most rental apartments come with a neutral décor. Have you tried to cover white walls with as many frames and family pictures as possible? We could all use a little more colour to our apartments. 


Completely change the atmosphere in a room with temporary peel and stick wallpaper. It comes in many different patterns, colours, and styles. Don't worry, it can be removed and reused easily with a little care and attention. 


Visit Home Depot for a variety of styles to suit you. 



No Nails Required 

Redefine your home with the endless possibilities of adhesive wall hangers. 


Hang artwork and photographs effortlessly with Command strips. Consider positioning when designing your walls, so frame positions can be easily switched when you need to mix it up. Use hooks for storage options for hats, scarves, and jackets, and incorporate them into your décor. 


Take it one step further with shelving options designed to be hung by strong, easy-to-remove adhesive. Follow these easy steps for installation. Not only will floating shelves transform your space visually, you'll also be making the most of your space



Get Creative with Fabrics 

Add pattern, colour, and design to your home aesthetic with fabrics. Try cushions, curtains, and furniture upholstery. 


Experiment with your own cushion designs and get those creative juices flowing. Design both sides differently, and keep things looking fresh with a quick flip. 


Alternatively, purchase new curtains, a couch cover, or wall-hanging macramé to redesign your home interior into a space you're proud to call home. 



Let There Be Mood-Light 

While, studies have found natural light and a well-lit workspace can increase emotional well-being and productivity, a dimly lit living space can create a relaxing, calming mood. 


Show your personality in style and design with floor lamps and table lamps. The illumination itself assists in creating the mood you're looking for. 


In a rental apartment, consider calm, warm fairy lights that can be effortlessly hung with… yes, you guessed it… adhesive strips.  


Especially while you're isolated at home, it can be hard without change. We hope you find a tip or two that helps you redesign and find the aesthetic you're looking for. And maybe you'll find new love for your rental. 



by Avenue Living Communities