About Avenue Living Communities

About Avenue Living Communities

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Avenue Living Communities is Western Canada's fastest growing private apartment building owner and operator. We came from humble beginnings in 2006, investing in a few buildings in southern Alberta, and have since grown to manage 8,009 rental apartments in 346 buildings in the mid-west provinces.

Despite our rapid growth, we continue to learn and remain primarily focused on placing our valued customers' needs first, while providing them with quality, value, and a clear choice of a comfortable place to call home.


Our Mission

"To provide value and quality communities that everyone deserves"

We aim to provide quality rental accommodations that our customers can happily call home. We encourage and enable our residents to 'Live Well' by providing a place where they can:

  • Live safely: knowing that that the utmost care is taken with maintenance and upkeep of the building in which they live and the ground it stands on.
  • Live responsibly: by making continuous upgrades to our buildings and suites, which increases energy efficiency, and allows our residents to actively participate in reducing their individual impact on our collective environment.
  • Live comfortably: in a clean suite and building that they feel proud to call home and are eager to build their life in.


Core Values

At Avenue Living Communities, our fundamental beliefs are centred on five guiding principles. These principles also define who we are as an organization:




Our Vision

"To be the clear choice for where to call home"

Our vision serves as the framework for the building blocks to our success, and guides every aspect of our business. Over the years our close-knit group has become a family, and just like any other family, we like to support, to encourage, to inspire, and to be inspired by each other. We do so by:

  • Being the best place to work, because of the way we inspire and empower our employees to not only reach, but to exceed their maximum potential by serving as a place to develop careers for generations to come.
  • Providing our customers with a reliable standard of quality, that they are proud of, by giving them not only what they need, but also what they desire in a rental home.
  • Creating value in our company by nurturing a strong rapport between customer and corporation, while creating an organic and mutually beneficial relationship that stands the test of time and sets the standard for our industry.


Four Pillars of Our Mission