Whether you live in a small apartment or you simply have a lot of stuff, finding place to store everything can sometimes be a tall order. However, with these quick and easy apartment hacks, you'll be able to finally regain control of your living space.


  1. Adhesive command hooks

It's time to rethink your storage space from only being the area that you're able to stand on, to start taking advantage of all the empty spots on your walls. By using adhesive command hooks, you are able to hang clothes, bags and other items, all without making permanent alterations to your rental unit.


  1. Under your bed/bed risers

If you already have a tall bed frame, the underside of your bed makes the ideal space for items you don't use on a regular basis. For those of you who sleep closer to the ground, bed risers are a perfect way to add a couple of inches of space for all your storage needs.


  1. Sliding pantry

Tucked away in what was once that small useless space between your fridge and the wall, a sliding pantry can store all your small to medium-sized spices, canned or boxed goods and allows for much more space in your shelves for your larger items.


  1. Magnets

Abandon the idea that magnets are simply something you bought on vacation, used to hang coupons and photos on your fridge; it's time to realize their full potential. Magnets are perfect for vertically hanging small jars of spices in the kitchen or for hanging up all your metal bathroom supplies.


Hanging pots and pans to reduce clutter


  1. Peg board

For your larger kitchen cookware, hanging a peg board to hook all of your pots and pans will do wonders in maximizing the space in your cabinets.


  1. Get rid of food boxes

More often than not, it's not the food that is taking up all that space in your kitchen; it's the boxes and packaging they come in. Place your food in your own air-tight bags and containers to better organize your fridge and pantry.


  1. Ditch the ironing board

Why worry about finding space to store your large and clunky ironing board? Lay down a small quilt on top of your dryer. It does the trick and unlike the board, it can be rolled and placed in a drawer.


  1. Furniture that doubles as storage

If you live in a small space, we don't suggest going out and completely refurnishing your apartment. However, as sort of a long term solution, when it's time to buy new furniture it's wise to consider items that have hidden storage spaces like ottomans.



by Avenue Living Communities