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Privacy Policy

Your privacy and protecting your personal information is of utmost importance to us. During the course of business, avenue living collects personal information from individuals applying for a lease, and from tenants and their guarantors under leases. This information is used to determine your suitability as a tenant and the ongoing administration and enforcement of your obligations under the terms of your lease. This information is held and handled as strictly confidential, and we are committed to protecting your privacy by meeting all standards to comply with Provincial and Federal Privacy legislation.

Website Visitors:  During your visit to our site, Avenue Living may collect information about your computer.  Details such as your IP address, browser type and operating system of choice, are collected to create reports for our system administration team.  We use first-party, third-party and anonymous cookies to track website traffic and patterns of how people use our site. The information collected is used for statistical purposes only and does not collect personally identifiable information.

Cookies may also store information for remarketing or target marketing purposes.  While the information gathered is anonymous, the stored cookie may influence ad exposure to a consumer who has displayed interest in our website or similar services to those which we provide.

Cookies are small files stored on your computer to save preferences, settings and details.  Details may include but are not limited to, the time and date you visited our website, whether or not this is your first time visiting our site and which third-party site, if applicable, referred you to our website.  This helps us provide an up to date experience and helps generate ideas for how to innovate and enhance our user experience.

You can choose to opt out of cookie usage by downloading a Browser add-on which are available from a wide range of browsers and search engines or; you may be able to disable cookies within your browser settings.

Personal information submitted by a user through https://www.avenueliving.ca/ remains strictly confidential and is protected from being used or combined with any website tracking methods Avenue Living employs.