The day has come; you've moved out of your parents' house and you're taking on the real world. In the midst of all the excitement of finally having your own place, you've managed to put together a list of all the things you'll need for your new apartment. Here are 10 things you definitely forgot to put on that list.


  1. First aid kit

It's one of those things you don't think you'll need, until you do. Next time you'll be more careful using the scissors to open boxes.



  1. Shower curtain

It's been a long day of carrying boxes, unpacking and decorating; there's nothing you'd like more than to take a shower and relax. You walk into the bathroom and notice something's missing… Looks like the floors might get a little wet.


  1. Lamps/extra lighting

During the day it doesn't seem so bad but when nighttime comes, you'll grow tired of always being in complete brightness or complete darkness.



  1. Wall hooks

You normally just leave your keys lying around anywhere, but eventually you'll get annoyed of always being late looking for them.


  1. Tool kit

Your parents aren't around to fix things anymore; that's your job. Frankly, it would be nice to finally get around to fixing that wobbly table.



  1. Bottle opener/corkscrew

Your friends are over for some drinks and you've just realized your bottle caps aren't twist-offs… It's time to see how strong the edges of your new coffee table really are.


  1. Small welcome mat

You didn't really seem to care about bringing in dirt when you lived with your parents but now you hate the mess... Just wait until winter time.



  1. Measuring cups

You've already been here a few days but you're just now cooking your first meal. How much is two tablespoons? You'll quickly find out you're not as good at guessing as you thought.


  1. Extension cords

The stand's all set up and perfectly positioned. You place the TV on it; now just to plug it in and… So close.


  1. Batteries

Okay, so your TV's finally plugged in, but the remote won't seem work. Who knew these things still took batteries?




by Avenue Living Communities