With a population of just over a quarter of a million people, Regina is the second-largest city in the province, second to Saskatoon. Coming in as the country's sixteenth largest city, you can find this provincial capital in the south central region of Saskatchewan, Canada.  

Regina is the definition of a big city with a small-town feel. With a bustling downtown core and quiet, serene suburbs, there's something here for everyone. Whether you're new to the city, province or country, here is a breakdown of everything from cost of living, transportation, weather, best schools and best neighbourhoods Regina has to offer. 


Cost of Living 

Choosing to live in Regina over Saskatoon will save you a few bucks, as it is marginally more affordable to live there. On average, single-bedroom apartments can be rented for approximately $700-1,200 while multi-room residences can be rented for approximately $1,500-2,500.  

At Avenue Living Communities, we own properties where we know people want to be. Currently we have apartments for rent all across the city, ranging from $650-1,400 per month. Keep scrolling to find out which neighbourhood is right for you. 

Work in Regina 

Regina is a commercial centre for Saskatchewan, with a diverse workforce covering a wide range of industries. Popular labour force employment options fall under the categories of sales and service, trades and transportation, business and finance, management, health, sciences, education, law and government. 

The top five employment industries are, respectively: government sector, retail, construction, finance and real estate, and accommodation and food. With three universities located in the city, it's not only a great place for students, but there is a high educator population in the city of Regina.  


If you like to be active, Regina is the city for you. This city boasts over 830 hectares of local parks and a total of 120 kilometres of pathways for you to explore by foot, bike or blade. 

In addition to the ample green space, the city also has three major recreations centres as well as outdoor attractions to get you out and exploring the city. Complete with indoor and outdoor pools, tracks, arenas, fields, courts and so much more, you can try a new activity and location every single day. 

Not to mention the dog parks, picnic areas, playgrounds and green spaces — Regina has endless outdoor recreation activities and locations for you to check out. 


Regina hosts three school divisions with over 40 elementary schools and eight high schools. Add the three local post-secondary education centres, and you now have plenty of educational options to choose from depending on the needs and interests of you and your family. 

All public elementary and high schools are run through the Regina Public School Board, which does include separate Christian and Muslim schools. The Conseil des écoles fransaskoises runs a French-only school division while the Regina Catholic School Board operates both elementary and high schools with Roman Catholic affiliation. 

For all your post-secondary needs, you can choose from the Regina Campus of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the First Nations University of Canada and University of Regina. 


If you like the sun, then Regina living is for you. On average, the city receives 322 days of sun per year and is the sunniest capital city in all of Canada. Like most of Canada, Regina experiences four seasons that keep the residents guessing all year long. With warm springs and summers, they happily transition to pleasant falls and cold winters. 

Annual precipitation is heaviest from June to August, with an average of 39 centimetres hitting the ground. In the winter, you can expect a whopping 114 centimetres of snow throughout the season, some come prepared with winter boots. 


From 2011 to 2016, Regina saw a 11.7 per cent population growth while Saskatchewan saw a 6.3 per cent growth, showing that people are continually settling down and calling this province home. 

Regina is a younger city, with the average age of population around 38 years old. It also has the seventh highest population of Aboriginal people across Canada. Around 94 per cent of people residing in Regina are Canadian citizens and 5.5 per cent of the population are new to Canada. 


With over 31 neighbourhoods across Regina, there are countless places for you to consider before settling down.  

Whitmore Park is popular for students, as it is close to the University of Regina and Saskatchewan Polytechnic — nearby we have The LenberneCasablanca Apartments and Forster Lodge.   

Arcola East and Coronation Park are great family-friendly neighbourhoods away from the city centre, complete with larger dwellings, ample green space and outdoor activities nearby. Check out Lockhart Manor and Reed Manor near Arcola East as well as Spruce Manor A & B and Haworth Manor near Coronation Park. 

Lakeview and Argyle Park are excellent communities for young professionals and singles to put down roots, as these trendy neighbourhoods are popular for shopping, activities and unique finds. We have apartments at Grenada Arms and Kleisinger Manor near Argyle Park and Lakeview Apartments in — you guessed it — Lakeview. 

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