When you're searching for your next home, there are so many places to start your search that it can get overwhelming. An internet search often has all the answers, but when you know exactly what you're looking for, it's better to narrow your search down by using some of the best websites to find an apartment for rent. 

For now, skip sites like Craigslist, and follow along with this guide to find the perfect apartment for your needs. 



Best 3 Websites to Find an Apartment for Rent

Most independent property owners may use a classified listing service like Kijiji or Craigslist to post a free ad. But to find more quality rentals, you should search on sites tailored for the best apartment hunter user experience. These are by no means the only options, but in our experience, the best three to narrow down your search, all the while enjoying a simple experience.  



- Offers the cleanest and focused user experience so apartment hunters can easily find their pad by location. 

- Includes promoted listings, where serious property owners will pay to have their quality rental properties seen by more renters. Therefore, easier to find quality apartments. 



- Highlights a great user experience showing price while searching in map view.  

- Free to list, so there are plenty of options to go through. 

- Again, includes boosted listings so you can simply find quality apartments. 

- Has the highest Alexa Rank of the three, meaning there is more traffic and engagement. Therefore, more apartments that suit your needs. 



- Features an in-depth filtering option so you can be very specific about what you're looking for. Hot tub? Tag it! 

- Does not include paid highlights, featured, or sponsored listings giving all property owners an equal chance to find their perfect residents. And an equal chance for you to find the rental of your dreams. 



Other Opportunities to Find a Specific Rental Home

If you align with a specific audience, there are better places you can look to find a property owner that understands your needs. Maybe you're a student, moving to Canada from overseas, or you're just looking for a short-term rental. If that's the case, read on for the best search options for niche audiences. 


Best Rental Search for Immigrants

Rentals for Newcomers is a property listing service specifically designed for, well, rentals for newcomers. Canada is expected to welcome up to 600,000 immigrants before 2025, so this service is designed with that in mind. Try Rentals for Newcomers to find rentals that meet your needs as you arrive in Canada. That could be a furnished rental, or somewhere within walking distance of amenities. 


Best Places to Find an Apartment for University Students

Visit your post-secondary institution's website and look for a student accommodation posting board. Generally, these suites are tailored towards students with location, amenities, and furnishings in mind. This is where classifieds may be your go-to if you're looking to rent a room or for a roommate who attends the same school. Alternatively, property management companies like Avenue Living Communities often offer special rates for students and own properties nearby post-secondary institutions. Check out our student accommodation listings and visit our promotions page for special offers


Best Websites to Find Short-Term Apartments for Rent

If you're looking for a rental apartment on a shorter lease than your typical 12-months, it's best to explore classifieds like Kijiji or use filtering options for short-term leases on Rentfaster.ca. We also offer shorter lease terms in specific cities and properties. Learn more about short-term lease options via our Resident Experience Specialists at 1-855-247-1492


Overall, spending a little time to understand your needs when searching for your rental home will help narrow down your search so you only view quality rental options. Still feeling overwhelmed for where to look? We can help you find suites that suit your needs and your budget. Discover apartments for rent in your city online or talk to a Resident Experience Specialist at 1-855-247-1492 and we'll help you find the perfect apartment or townhome quick and easy. 



by Avenue Living Communities