There's a reason we use the word "communities" in our name: we want to create places that people are happy to call home. And that means everyone, regardless of who you love. 


Everyone at Avenue Living believes we're "In it Together," and that means seeing, acknowledging, and embracing everyone, as each of us makes our worlds brighter, more interesting places. As a housing provider for over 25,000 residents, our ultimate goal is to create a place for everyone to call home, without discrimination. Our doors are open to everyone who wants to be a good neighbour. 


"During pride month, as with all days of the year, we celebrate diversity. What I feel is important is inclusion: creating a safe and welcoming space for employees and residents to be who they truly are," says Louise Elsey, Avenue Living Communities' COO. "This creates communities in which people can thrive." 



Housing First for LGTBQ+ Youth 

This year, we're showing our support for LGBTQ+ youth with a $5,000 donation to Aura Host Homes. This program from the Trellis Society provides LGBTQ+ as well as gender non-binary and non-conforming youth at risk for or experiencing homelessness with safe, secure housing outside the shelter system. Aura helps these youth find appropriate housing where their gender identity and sexual orientation are respected and celebrated, and offers additional supports to help them move toward health, wellbeing, and independent adulthood.  


As an organization focused on housing, we know how vital it is for everyone to have access to safe, comfortable homes, and we're proud to support a program that gives LGBTQ+ youth, who are over-represented in the homeless population, a place that welcomes them for who they are. 



How You Can Take Part  

Virtual Events:  While COVID-19 has changed many of the plans for Pride Month, the good news is there's a lot going on online. You can join virtual parades, story-times, dance parties, and even cooking classes in different communities. Check out this list from Fashion Magazine.  


Celebrate Diversity: COVID-19 restrictions may have kept Calgary Pride from holding a parade in 2020, but the group has improvised with the introduction of virtual events like Reading with Royalty. In partnership by the Calgary Public Library and Calgary Pride, "Reading with Royalty" encourages children to look beyond gender stereotypes and to explore who they are, celebrate diversity, individuality, acceptance, and community. See a list of upcoming events.


Learn About Canada's Pride Festival: While June is International Pride Month, it's often associated with the Stonewall Riots in New York in 1969. Canada's LGBTQ+ rights movement has a unique history of its own. Learn about its origins, significant moments, and more at Queer Events Canada.


Don't forget to check out your local pride organization's Pride Weeks, too, which take place at different times throughout the year. 



by Avenue Living Communities