Technology plays a vital role in many facets of our lives and has connected people in ways once thought impossible. Technology has the incredible ability to simplify and streamline and can make our lives easier in many areas.  

Continuous evolution has brought technology into our homes and apartments, transforming them into “smart-homes.” From smart bulbs to smart speakers and smart plugs, ways to pay rent online, and streaming devices, these devices and platforms have allowed people incredible opportunities to have the smart homes they’ve always imagined.  

For Avenue Living Communities, technology has help us respond to and connect with our residents effectively and efficiently. As an example, in 2019 we completed our transition to providing electronic leasing opportunities to prospective residents through YUHU, which is helping shape the multi-family, rental experience. We were able to integrate easy ways to book a property viewing online and offer virtual viewings for those more comfortable shopping for their new home virtually, both of which are still available today.  

We have complied a few of our favourite tech tools specifically for renters. Not all smart devices need to be hard wired, so check out these apartment-friendly options to help you have the best and most-connected resident experience possible. 



More people are looking for flexibility when it comes to their rent payments. Sometimes, things happen that affect our income schedule that we can't control and we need some flexibility when it comes to dates or size of our payments.  

Zenbase is a service that allows people to split their rent into smaller and more manageable payments, helping reduce financial stress. Avenue Living Communities’ residents can connect with Zenbase and customize their payment options at all of our properties.  


Smart Speakers

One of the first smart home devices to gain popularity, smart speakers like Alexa or Google Home have become a popular household gadget. These devices are operated through voice commands with a built-in assistant that allows you to conquer a variety of tasks with ease.  

You could smoothly entertain your guests with mood-setting music or queue up the right playlist/podcast for days when you want to clean and get things done around the home. You could add items to your grocery list or schedule an appointment in your calendar. The possibilities to customize your home experience and turn your rental apartment into a custom, dream space are endless.   

While smart speakers are Bluetooth devices, note that there is a difference between smart speakers and Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers are portable devices that pair with your phone, and smart speakers are for your home, connecting to your Wi-Fi, and are operated through voice commands.  


Smart bulbs 

Imagine controlling and automating your lighting across your home through your phone. Smart bulbs have smart lighting systems with apps that allow you to program when you want your lights on or off.  

Much like regular light bulbs, smart bulbs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, and can adapt to any fixture, such as in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Controlling when your lights are on and off remotely can help with your sleep, as you can set them to slowly fade, and they also help save you money on your utilities bill. 

Smart bulbs come individually, in pairs, or also in starter kits. You can connect your smart bulbs to your home devices such as Siri, Alexa, and other home helpers.  


Smart plugs 

Smart plugs are one of the most affordable smart home devices, while also being easy to use and handy to have around. Smart plugs help automate wired devices in your home. Simply plug it into an outlet and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Then, plug in a wired appliance like a lamp, space heater, or fan into the smart plug, and you are then able to control the appliance from your phone.  

Through scheduling when you want certain appliances on and running, you can also save money on your energy bill. 

Slow cookers, holiday lights, and coffee makers are some of the better plug-in home accessories to have connected to your smart plug and phone. Have control of what you want on and running from wherever you are. Just make sure you’re being smart and safe, and ensuring your appliances and electronics are turned off when leaving your apartment.  

Using some of our favouite smart home devices and platforms, you have many diverse options to add modern technology to your home, and customize your at-home routine to make your apartment or townhome feel like a long-term, permanent space without the commitment. 


by Avenue Living Communities