‘Moving is a pain.’ ‘Moving is expensive.’ ‘I love my neighbourhood.’ Those are just a few reasons renters choose to stay according to a consumer housing trends report. On the flip side, renters choose to move home for reasons including better value, more space, and particular amenities.   

Renting a home does give you freedom to move more frequently. That could be for better value, or to be closer to work. But either way, there are plenty of reasons to consider finding somewhere you’ll stay long-term. We’ll guide you through four reasons you should consider renting long-term.  


Stay for Friends and Connections 

Transitions are hard. Moving is a transition that requires you to start over in many ways. Finding your new jogging route, your favourite coffee shop and building new friendships are things that take time.  

Friendships are critical to a sense of belonging, purpose, and self-confidence. And friendships with our neighbours can result in lower levels of loneliness, worry, and the increased perception of being respected in your community.  

Maintaining a long-term friendship isn’t easy, especially after a move. Although your neighbours are just that, if you’ve lived somewhere for a while, you’ve probably also become friends.   

Living in a long-term apartment rental, your neighbours become people you can trust. And they’re always there when you need a hand, or someone to talk to. When you move, you have to start building trust again with new neighbours. And that alone can be a good enough reason to stay in your current community.  


Stay for the Kids 

Moving affects everyone in the family, especially children. Studies show moving negatively impacts social skills, education, health, and development in children aged four to six. Research also shows frequent relocations in childhood relate to lower well-being in adulthood.  

Moving is just as difficult for teenagers. You can imagine they've spent time on their social circles, relationships, and education. When you move, those are affected. And there's a higher risk for behavioural problems to develop.  

Although moving can be just as exciting for children. If staying is out of the question, there are several things you can do to help children adjust to a move and a new home.  

Finding the right place to stay for your children’s childhood can be difficult if you’re used to moving more frequently. But when you do find the perfect place to settle, know you’re positively impacting their development and their memories of growing up.  


Stay Long-Term and Save Money 

If you do choose to move, remember the costs associated with moving. On average, it costs a Canadian family about $1,600 to move. That’s considering moving expenses like boxes, furniture covers, cleaning fees, and a moving truck, amongst other bills. And it’s even more expensive if you opt for a moving company.  

Outside of the actual moving costs, you could end up paying more rent in the long run.   

Property owners typically raise rent in lower increments when you re-sign your lease. Moving to a new area may sound appealing, but remember you’ll pay current market rent, which could end up being higher than a yearly increase as an existing resident.  

In 2021, Canada saw a 3.15 per cent inflation rate over the previous year. Although the inflated cost of goods is expected to rise less over the next five years, it’s something you should also evaluate when looking to move regularly.  


Stay Because You Love It 

Of long-term renters that have no plans to move in the next three years, 43 per cent say they’re not looking to move because they love the place they currently rent. The same study also shows 36 per cent of those long-term non-movers love their neighbourhood too much to move.   

That’s the key to a successful long-term rental. Find a place you love and stay. Make a list of the most important things to you. It could be local amenities, great schools, or your commute to downtown.   

Of course, you also want to take time into consideration. In five years will you have outgrown your space? In 20 will you want to downsize? That’s where you want to plan for your future. Many neighbourhoods have several apartment and townhome rental properties, and there may be an opportunity for you to move down the street and stay where you love.  


Stay Where You Can Grow in Hermitage, Edmonton 

Although Hermitage is just one example of a community full of rental properties, there are communities everywhere that cater to the renter. The benefit to you means you can find a place you love and stay as you grow. In particular, Avenue Living Communities’ rental properties in Hermitage span from 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartment buildings perfect for couples, to 3-bedroom townhomes for growing families.   

Cameron County | 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments | Perfect for seniors 

Christopher County | 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments | Perfect for families 

Durham County | 1- and 2-bedroom apartments | Perfect for seniors to families 

Hartford County Townhomes | 2- and 3-bedroom townhomes | Perfect for families 

Hooke County Townhomes | 2- and 3-bedroom townhomes | Perfect for families 

Victoria County | 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments | Perfect for young professionals 

Hermitage is a lovely community in Edmonton’s northeast surrounded by parks, amenities, and schools, within quick access to major road networks like Yellowhead Trail and Anthony Henday Drive.  

Residents enjoy living in Hermitage for…  

  1. Short walks to the local dog park  
  2. Public transit stops right outside the door  
  3. Hermitage Park’s scenic trails and picnic spots  
  4. Quick access to retailers such as Costco and Walmart  
  5. Freedom to move as they grow and stay in the community  

If Edmonton isn’t your city, explore more apartments and townhomes across Canada’s prairie provinces. Call a Resident Experience Specialist at 1-855-247-1492 and let them know you’re looking for a community where you can live long-term, and they’ll be sure to offer the best recommendations.   


by Avenue Living Communities