February is commonly known as a month dedicated to love and friendship, but it’s so much more than that. It can be a time for self-care and self-love, and even showing your living space some love. Why not set a valentine’s date with your apartment this year?   

It’s an opportunity to play around with the space you’re in, explore your creative side, and see how you can fine-tune things to create the ideal set-up for you. From how your furniture is arranged to creating a tranquil bedroom that optimizes rest, you can show your apartment the love and warmth it deserves with our handy tips.  

Create a space that you feel happy and comfortable in.  


Arranging Furniture 

It sometimes can seem like the furniture arrangements in living rooms and dining areas are ever changing and evolving – which for lots of people, they are! The way your furniture is arranged plays a big role in how you not only view your apartment, but how it invites you to use it. Maybe you prefer open-concept spaces with room for socializing (safely these days), or a more closed in arrangement for those cozy, Netflix binge sessions. The beauty of arranging furniture is that there are so many options and possibilities, and it’s free. You’ll want to identify the focal point in a room and arrange furniture around it. From finding out how to position your couch and coffee table, to finding the best place for accent pieces, it’s fun to play around with the space in your apartment to see what looks and feels right. If you need to lift anything heavy, make sure to ask a friend, neighbour or family member for some help.  


Your Bedroom

We spend lots of time in our bedrooms and want them to be comfortable, peaceful and serene. Comfortable bedding makes your bedroom a place you can truly unwind at the end of the day and find solace in. You want it quiet, free of clutter, and with relaxing scents to calm the mind. The chilly mornings and short daylight hours make getting out of bed difficult, so to warm up, dig out your flannel sheets and throw an extra blanket on the bed. How about adding a hot water bottle or warm rice bag to the bed before jumping in!   



From art to statement pieces to flowers, there are many ways you can make your apartment eye-catching. Having beautiful art, whether in the form of painting or photography, is sure to make things pop, and be a conversation starter. Maybe there’s a favourite artist whose work you love and want on your wall, or a nice landscape picture that could bring colour and life to your space. Flowers and plants are also a tremendous way to bring life, colour, and brightness into your apartment, and there are so many choices. If you have pets, be sure to research which plants are best for apartments, as some plants could be toxic to your furry friends.  


The Rest of Your Apartment   

If you have laminate or hardwood flooring, area rugs are a great way to add both insulation and style. Around 10 per cent of home heat loss happens through the floor, so rugs keep heat in and add cushy padding for your feet. If your apartment has large windows, make sure to first close and lock them, and then use curtains, window insulation film, or weather-seal tape for additional heat retention. To avoid turning up the thermostat and spending more on heating bills, keep blankets nearby, whether you’re watching a movie on the couch, working at your desk, or reading by the window. Combined, these tips and tricks may make your apartment and heart warm this valentine’s day.  


Clean and Organize 

We spend so much of our time in our living spaces. Having clean, tidy, and organized spaces can not only do wonders for our apartments but can really highlight the area when clean. To make a day of it, find your favourite playlist, podcast, or audio book, and see what you can do. With many of us living, working, and learning from home, the availability of fun cleaning resources has wildly increased. Follow social influencers or experts online that give tips and tricks on organizing your space for a new perspective on chores.  


by Avenue Living Communities