Living harmoniously with dogs can be a rewarding experience, offering the chance to create heartfelt moments. But it also takes time, effort, research, and patience. From regular baths to picking up hair and investing in a good vacuum cleaner, there are many ways you can maintain cleanliness in your home while living with dogs.  

Apartment living is a little different than living in a house with a yard — that’s why we’ve prepared these tips and tricks to keep your dog happy and healthy! 



Moving can be stressful for a dog, but an apartment can come with a few extra sights and sounds, and more people, which can make a dog anxious and cause them to act out. It’s important to get your dog used to the environment (desensitize them) by allowing them to interact and socialize with people living around you. Give the dog time to get accustomed to the new surroundings. 


Create a Routine 

From walks to mealtimes, and being taken out to go to bathroom, dogs like routines and having daily schedules. Ensure you are taking your dog out regularly to avoid any accidents. Keep in mind your dog will require more attention when they do need to go to the bathroom, so we recommend creating a schedule for convenience. This way the dog will be accustomed to being taken out at certain times of the day, as well as when you take them outside for a walk. 


Be Neighbourly

Make sure you’re leashing your dog in the building and allow the dog to familiarize itself with the neighbours and area. This will cause less stress for you and your dog and give them time to adapt.  


Keep it Clean

Make sure to always clean up after your pet (pick up and dispose of waste in garbage cans). 


Get Exercise 

Ideally, you should take your dog for at least two long walks each day. Taking your dog jogging or allowing them to run around a dog park is even better! It's imperative to give your dog at least two high-intensity exercise sessions a week if you want to keep them from chewing up the cabinets or destroying your home, while also keeping them healthy and active.   


Protect your Floors

It’s important to choose a specific area in the apartment where they can eat, chew their bones/toys, and play games. Place a temporary mat down where they eat. It's also beneficial to make sure you’ve got something like a towel or mat to clean them off when they come in from the rain or snow. 


Toys and Treats 

Dogs love mental stimulation, such as through toys, treats, or a Snuffle Mat. The Snuffle Mat is a type of foraging feeder for dogs and is an excellent way to supply daily mental stimulation at mealtime and give an outlet for scent drive. Increasing mental stimulation can also reduce problem behaviours. 


Find Help

If you don’t work from home and can’t check on your dog throughout the day, it may be beneficial to find help in a friend, neighbour or business. Have a dog walker/runner check in on them or put your dog into daycare. Ask a friend, family member or neighbour to let them out for a lunchtime run. Look up pet care services in your area to see what they offer. This will ensure the dog gets plenty of exercise and won’t make them hold it in for hours on end before you come home. 

Apartment living with dogs can be a rewarding experience and provide a lifetime of memories, but they also take lots of time and effort in your life and come with their own unique challenges. With our handy tips and tricks, you can have many fun moments with your dog and have a joyous life together.  


by Avenue Living Communities