From assembling a garden around his building for residents to enjoy in the spring and summer, to bird watching from his suite, William, an Avenue Living Communities (ALC) resident, has helped create a welcoming sense of community. He pairs his passion for nature and animals in the peaceful serenity of Forest Apartments in Edmonton.  

A few years ago, William began working on the soil and bushes along the back of the building. He rototilled the clay and dirt, added compost and new soil, and then added lilies and other annual plants and flowers. 

"I put in the garden for residents to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables," he says. He has planted corn and tomatoes along the fence in a greenhouse and grown peas, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, green onions, raspberry plants, and brussels sprouts. 

An ALC resident since 2014, William's inviting nature has also seen him put in a deck with a picnic table and chairs, complete with an umbrella and a propane BBQ for residents to enjoy on summer evenings.  

Creating positive resident experiences, desirable living spaces, and a commitment to community is at the forefront for both William and Avenue Living Communities. It's our goal to make our properties safe, bright, and comfortable and present our residents with the opportunity to connect with one another. 

Throughout the years, we have made significant improvements to Forest Apartments' building and its suites. Improvements include new doors in both entrances, secure mailboxes for added security, fresh paint inside the building, new carpet and new siding on the building's exterior, as well as new fencing and landscaping with spruce trees.  

These are just a few things William noticed as well, allowing us to see the direct impact and value we have added through our residents' eyes. 

These improvements have helped create a healthy and vibrant community space that also promotes independent living for residents like William. Our Avenue Living platform enables access to a wide range of in-house experts, which helped us make the right additions to ensure we serve all our residents.  

By pairing like-minded residents of similar demographics and lifestyles together, we can foster communities in our properties, ensuring families, seniors, and students can connect and feel comfortable with their neighbours. 

These changes not only attracted new mature residents to Forest Apartments, but positively impacted the lives of current residents. Creating a community hub for residents to gather around gave William, one of the building's longest-tenured residents, a way to get to know his neighbours.  

"What makes Avenue Living Communities different is they listen to our concerns and feedback and have made it feel like a welcoming and comforting space. They have addressed our concerns. What I like about Avenue Living is they recognize the good residents we have here. People look out for one another here. We take care of each other and respect one another, and we have a place to call home," William says.  


by Avenue Living Communities