What do you look for in a landlord? For one Avenue Living Communities (ALC) resident, a landlord is a friend, someone who proves they care, and someone who is always there when you need them.  


Meet Dian, a long-time ALC resident in Camrose, Alta., a city where she grew up, and a one where she knows everyone, as expected in a small tight-knit community.  


Dian's current place of residence, an ALC property, was built by her father in 1974, which initially drew her interest. And, Rhonda, a Residential Portfolio Manager for ALC in Camrose, is more of a friend than a landlord to Dian. That's what keeps her with ALC. She feels at home. 


"The entire Camrose team is great," says Dian. "But Rhonda is just amazing. 


"She looks after all of her tenants and the building with respect and care." 


Just like Dian experiences the Camrose team's genuine Duty of Care every day, Rhonda says her team is driven to make sure residents like Dian feel welcomed, safe, and home. That's their job. 


"We just go above and beyond all the time, and we let residents know we're here all the time for them," says Rhonda. "We're a 24-hour service. 365 days a year. We're always going to be here." 


Dian loves her home with ALC and has no interest in moving. Something she has reiterated time after time, as she turned down government subsidised housing, all because she knows she can rely on Rhonda to keep her happy and at home. 


"When I came home from the hospital, Rhonda was at my door with flowers and a card letting me know that I was cared about," says Dian. "The Camrose team check up on me when they don't hear from me for a while, just to make sure I am okay, which I appreciate very much." 


Rhonda expresses that it's these moments that keep her team going. 


"It's all about Duty of Care," says Rhonda. "Through the thick and thin. Through the tough times. We are in this together no matter what." 



by Avenue Living Communities