In a tough market for students to find affordable accommodation on flexible lease terms, Avenue Living Communities announced their "Student Flexible Lease" program last week, which features six, eight, and 12 month leasing terms in buildings located within 5 kilometres of educational institutions.


Avenue Living Communities (ALC), a property management company which operates in 18 locations in the prairie provinces, pairs free internet and utilities with the flexible terms targeted at bringing students to their buildings in a "worry-free" program so students can "feel at ease while completing their studies," said Mark Nixdorf, SVP of sales at Avenue Living Communities.


"We have people from all walks of life living with us."


"This targeted promotion is just one of many where we conduct the research and see where there is a need. We asked ourselves, what can we do better for students? This is a product of that."


According to Statistics Canada, there were over 2 million post-secondary enrollments in 2016/2017. While, 11 per cent of this figure is made up of international students who move to Canada to enroll in post-secondary institutions.


Real Estate News Exchange reported in April this year that "most post-secondary students lived in off-campus conventional rental housing." And that these accommodations were "rarely geared towards students."


Considering the typical university year only runs for eight months, from September till April, there are many cases when students from out-of-town will travel back home for the remaining four months of the year, whilst still paying rent for their student accommodation.


Statistics Canada found 23.4 per cent of the Canadian population in 2016 were living alone or with roommates. Students will often live with others during education to cut living costs, which further places ALC's free internet and utilities package as a key incentive for renting with them. There is no need to arrange split payments on multiple bills.


ALC's specific student buildings can be easily found through their new "Student Living" web page which locates their properties in near vicinity of universities and colleges.


"We want to do our best for our residents, and to do that we have to realise how different they all are," said Nixdorf.


"We want to create less stress for students, and by doing this we're hoping they can find a place they can call home during their studies."


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by Avenue Living Communities