For the duration of July, residents of Avenue Living in Moose Jaw, Alta sparked a friendly competition while participants enriched their balconies with flowers and decorations for the summer.


"We wanted to do something fun for the residents," said Tammy Hammond, Regional Portfolio Manager in Moose Jaw.


"They [residents] were very excited."


This contest is just a prime example of how Avenue Living can include their residents in fun activities around the building, to make them feel more at home. It further brings together a sense of community, something Avenue Living is set out to achieve.


"Many of our residents show interest in helping our landscaper plant flowers," said Hammond.


"That's when we thought of the idea."


Through promotion via posters and word-of-mouth, the contest spread and as many as 16 balconies were decorated within the month. This gives residents a common goal to work towards and discuss, while it also can also spark more interest from potential future residents.


"It makes the presentation of the building look more beautiful and potential prospects see that we have residents who care."


The contest was held as a tie-in for Avenue Living's resident appreciation barbecue in Moose Jaw on July, 27. Six winners were announced at the barbecue event, with the five runner-up's receiving a $25 gift card, while a $50 gift card first place prize awarded to the best balcony décor.


Avenue Living continue to try and create a sense of belonging and community for its residents by hosting competitions, barbecues, and bringing neighbours together.


"We can't do it without the enthusiasm and participation of our residents," said Hammond.


"We're lucky to have them."


by Avenue Living Communities