Life in the prairies is truly beautiful when you live in Saskatchewan's historic Saskatoon, the province's most dense metropolitan area. Located on the picturesque banks of the South Saskatchewan River, Saskatoon is proud of its aboriginal history and houses a population of 325,000, with a typical yearly growth of 2.5 per cent. 


Known for its number of bridges, it often takes on the nickname "Paris of the Prairies" but is also known as "POW", due to its major working industries in potash mining, oil, and wheat farming 


Considering a move to Saskatoon? Follow along for everything you need to know about life in the prairies. 



Cost of Living 

Life in Saskatoon is typically affordable, with a cost of living 3.05 per cent lower than in Edmonton, Alberta's capital city. 


Residents spend an average of 24.7 per cent of their earnings on monthly rent, which varies between $750 and $1,400 for a one-bedroom apartment depending on age and location. A three-bedroom apartment would typically rent for an average of $1,650 in the city-centre, albeit a little cheaper outside of the core, averaging at $1,400 per month. 




Many make the move to Saskatoon due to its strong economic sectors in agriculture, oil and gas, forestry development, manufacturing, mining, and life sciences.  


Saskatchewan possesses the largest potash industry in the world, with 45 per cent of known potash reserves located in the province. If the mining industry draws you to Saskatoon, there are working opportunities at Nutrien, the world's largest potash producer, and Cameco, the world's largest publicly traded uranium company. 


Due to Saskatoon's growing population and strong economic growth, there are also many opportunities for employment in health care and construction. Five Saskatoon businesses made Canada's Growth 500, a list of the fastest growing companies in the country, with specialization in software development, marketing, and energy, opening the doors for skilled workers in these growing sectors. 




If you love nature, local attractions, and of course, craft beer and spirits, Saskatoon is the place for you. There is plenty to do in and around the citywith several museums and parks right on your doorstep. 


Learn the history of Saskatchewan's economic development at the Western Development Museum or take in beautiful art at Remai Modern. See picturesque sights in Saskatoon's parks, within easy access to Beaver Creek Conservation Area, Meewasin Valley, and Cranberry Flats Conservation Area. 


Saskatoon boasts many great community recreation facilities including leisure centres, skateparks, pools, sports fields, and skating rinks. With more than 10 golf courses in and around the city, players love the variety and challenge they offer. 


Shopping in Saskatoon is a breeze, with six malls for quality shopping, including several avenues known for trendy boutiques on Broadway Avenue, 33rd Street, and 2nd Avenue in the downtown core. 




Known for its contributions to medical research, the historic University of Saskatchewan (USaskis one of two major post-secondary institutions in the city and is located east of the river outside of downtown. USask has a population of about 19,000 students and has gained recognition for its agriculture, engineering, and veterinary medicine programs.  


Located in Saskatoon's city-centre, Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers applied learning in a variety of courses including construction, health sciences, mining, energy and manufacturing, nursing, and transportation. A home in one of Saskatoon's central communities, like City Park, is best suited for students as the school's campus buildings are dotted around the Central Business District. 




If a variety of weather including warm summers, rainy days, and cold winters is what you love, then Saskatoon's semi-arid climate would work for you.  


Saskatoon experiences more than the Canadian average of sunshine annually, and while summers are typically warm from June through August, July is the warmest month with an average high of 25.3 C. Thunderstorms are typical in the summer, with most rainfall occurring on average for 12 days in June.  


Bundle up, because winters in Saskatoon are long and cold. Snow falls on average 55 days a year. While, January is its coldest month, experiencing lows of -20 C, you'll hardly notice when you're enjoying all that the city has to offer through the winter. Try cross-country skiing in one of the city's parks, or get festive at the city's WinterShines festival. 




No matter where you're moving from, you'll be welcomed in Saskatoon. Saskatchewan's largest city saw a 2.2 per cent increase in population from 2019 to 2020now home to 325,000 residents. Much of this yearly growth is owed to immigrants, who accounted for 15.6 per cent of the population according to 2016 census data. Migrants from Asia account for the majority, including others from Europe, most predominantly the United Kingdom. 


Saskatoon is a young and vibrant city with Canada's lowest median age of 35 years old, with those in the 25 to 29 age group accounting for the majority of the city's residents. 




There are many different living experiences on offer in one of Saskatoon's 65 communities, divided into nine Suburban Development Areas.  


The northwestern community of Dundonald is great for a quiet suburban lifestyle, which is also perfect for families due to its large central Dundonald Parkoffering greenspace, playgrounds, and trails. 


Working in Saskatoon's Central Business District? Neighbouring communities are perfect to settle in outside of the busy city-centre, with minimal commutes. Nutana is the neighbourhood for you, just south across the river, with beautiful views looking onto downtown. 


For students, properties in Grosvenor Park and Greystone Heights are great for short commutes to the University of Saskatchewan, while more central neighbourhoods like City Park and Caswell Hill, are best suited to those studying at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. 



We hope you can settle and enjoy all that Saskatoon has to offer. Visit our Saskatoon properties page and find your new home in a new city today. 



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