Here at avenue living, we like to inspire and enable our tenants to "Live Well" by providing apartments that they can call home and live in safely, comfortably and responsibly. We truly believe that a rental apartment is not just a temporary housing solution; this is your home and we want you to feel that it is! Of course, there are some constraints when it comes to renting an apartment – for instance, you can't remodel the kitchen if it isn't exactly your taste, you may not always be able to paint whenever you want – but there are many things you can do to turn your apartment into a home that don't break the rules or the bank. Here's a few suggestions:


1. Put things on your walls! This serves two purposes: it instantly makes the apartment feel homier and "lived in," and can help to save limited counter and storage space. Instead of placing small photos on a tabletop or counter, hang them in a cluster on a wall for a different effect. Floating shelves can be hung on the wall and covered with trinkets and picture frames; not only do they look great but they take up less space than a shelving unit!


2. Choose furniture wisely. Try not to choose furniture based on the price or size; just because you live in a smaller apartment doesn't mean that your furniture should be small! Instead of buying that couch and coffee table set because it fits perfectly in the living room, why not get a couch that you are in love with and skip the table? Investing in furniture that you plan to keep for years to come is sure to make your apartment feel less "temporary." And you won't miss out having a tiny coffee table if you have a beautiful sofa to enjoy each and every day!


3. Use pops of colour in your decorating. Many rental apartments have paint and carpet in neutrals like beige, cream and brown for obvious reasons. Decorative pillows, rugs and throws are ways to sneak in some of your own tastes and personality!


4. Channel your inner greenthumb and get some plants! Plants can add that extra something to a room and really make it feel like home. If you are worried about your inability to properly care for them, visit your local garden centre and ask for their help in picking one that needs minimal attention; there are tons of plants out there that just need a bit of sunlight and regular watering to flourish. If you are REALLY worried then get some artificial ones (we won't tell).


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Based in Calgary, Alberta, avenue living™ is Western Canada's fastest growing private apartment building owner and operator. We came from humble beginnings with a few buildings in Southern Alberta, and in just over four years have grown to manage over 2000 rental apartments in the Prairie Provinces. We now own and operate buildings in Brooks, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Moose Jaw, Regina, Saskatoon, Swift Current, Winnipeg and Yorkton, and continue to expand into new markets. Despite our rapid growth, we remain primarily focused on placing our valued customers' needs first and providing them with quality homes and apartments for rent. We also believe in providing our customers with housing solutions that let them actively participate in reducing their impact on our environment when renting with us, by continuing to upgrade our buildings to make them more energy efficient.

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