Winter brings all kinds of joyous wonders, from snowball fights to sledding and hot cocoa by the fire. However, the season can also bring salt-covered sidewalks, cold drafts and higher utility costs. At Avenue Living Communities, we aim to provide quality rentals for all our residents by keeping costs down and providing useful tips to stay cozy this winter.

We collected some handy ways for you to maximize your living space and keep the heat in this time of year!


Buy draft guards (or DIY)

Draft guards are fabric stoppers that go under your door (if you have a gap) to prevent a cold draft from entering your apartment. They are one of the best tricks to keep the heat from escaping your home. And, if you are looking for a more cost-effective option, you can easily create your own with pool noodles, fabric and hot glue!

Check out this helpful DIY video here.


Break out your winter bedding

Warm winter sheets will keep you warm this season, so don’t forget to change them out.


Changing your sheets is a wonderful feeling and can be even better when you can make your bed warmer! Like clothing, you should be considering different fabrics for your bedding in the winter. We suggest opting for flannel, wool and fleece sheets for the winter months. It will not only keep you warm but is a great way to update your room for the season.

To get even better results, we suggest purchasing a mattress warmer or heating pad to add some extra warmth and comfort to your sheets this winter!


Trade out your curtains

Another easy fix to prevent heat from escaping is changing your summer curtains for heavier, more robust ones. We suggest buying curtains made from denser fabrics, layering or even purchasing cellular shades.

Cellular shades are a great option because they will allow the sun to come through during the day but will also help keep the heat in longer.


Add some humidity

Adding a humidifier to your apartment will help your skin and keep you extra toasty this winter.


For the colder winter months, we suggest investing in a humidifier to address the much-needed moisture in the air. Not only will your skin thank you, but your wallet might as well. With more moisture, your thermostat can be kept lower because the moisture will help retain heat. And, as a fun fact, a humidifier will also cut down on carpet shocks from static electricity.

Pro tip: Add essential oils to your humidifier for some much-needed relaxation. Plus, it has a pleasant scent . . . you're welcome.


Adjust your ceiling fans

Did you know that most ceiling fans can change directions? This feature is made for different seasons. In the winter, try adjusting your fan to spin clockwise. This will push the warm air down and keep your room temperature higher.

Most ceiling fans have a root switch at the top to change directions but if you can’t find it, make sure to reach out to your Maintenance Associate to help you out.  Upwards of 15% of heating costs can be saved every winter using this technique.


Boot trays are your BFF

Shoe trays are a great way to keep salt out of your rental apartment this winter season.


Tracking salt into your apartment isn’t just messy – it can also be dangerous for your four-legged friends. We highly suggest a boot tray and doormat to collect all the salt for a simple cleanup. You can also use boot trays to emphasize your own décor style, as shown above.

If you are handy, you can DIY your own boot tray here.


Leave space for heat vents

Our last (but maybe most important) tip is to make sure your furniture is away from your heat vents. This is a common mistake many people make when moving into their first apartment, as it will keep your house chillier and leave you continually turning up your thermostat.

We suggest double-checking your apartment to make sure large objects are away from your heaters to maximize heat distribution in your home.  

At Avenue Living Communities, we are always looking out for our residents. If you found any of these tips especially helpful, make sure to follow us on Instagram and TikTok for more home ideas! And, if you’d like to share these pointers on Instagram, tag @avenuelivingcommunities and use the hashtag #tipswithavenue.