Finding the right gift for someone during the holidays can be stressful, and it can be even harder if the person you are looking for needs rental-friendly items. Many who live in apartments say they “don’t need any extra items,” or that they “have everything they need.” So, we asked our team to tell us the items they have received in the past that will forever be great gifts for those who are renting an apartment or townhome. They gave us ideas (big and small) that will spark a smile from the person you are shopping for this holiday season!

Check out the top items on everyone's list – even if they don’t know it yet!


Dyson vacuum

A Dyson is a great gift to make cleaning a little easier for those who live in an apartment.


A Dyson vacuum is a great gift for those who wouldn’t think twice about spending lots of money on a portable appliance such as this one. One of our team members was gifted one ten years ago “the Dyson vacuum we received was the best gift ever! It makes cleaning so easy and fast with all the extra accessories you can get. We've had ours for nearly ten years without any issues,” says Carol H.

This vacuum is great for those looking for that additional level of cleaning, and with many options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one.



Another great option is Vitamix, a blender that can literally do it all. It’s perfect for those who love cooking or health enthusiasts looking to make their own nut butter, smoothies and so much more.

One of our team members who received a Vitamix had nothing but great things to say. "The Vitamix in our house is fantastic. We use it to make smoothies, hummus, nut butter and soups. It is so versatile in what it can do, and I've found the price point to make my own peanut butter or hummus is comparable to store-bought options," says Sheldon S.


Platters & Dishes

Image of a charcuterie bored that makes a great gift for apartment dwellers this season.


For those who are looking for a more cost-effective gift, one of our team members said that dishes and platters also make great gifts for the holidays. A new charcuterie board, new knives, or even a new holiday platter are great gifts for those who like to throw parties!

“Winners and HomeSense have great ones that look more expensive than they actually are and make great gifts! They'll wrap them up for you as well – just make sure to take off the price tag,” says Jason L.



Another great item on our list is a Roomba. A Roomba is a robotic vacuum that learns the layout of your apartment and cleans for you, once programmed. Tara M. says that “a Roomba is a great gift and will vacuum even when you're not home.”

It is a perfect gift for those who are not fond of cleaning or vacuuming, as you won’t have to lift a finger.



Candles always make a great gift for those who live in an apartment this season.


One item that we know will please almost everyone is a candle. We suggest taking a trip down to your nearest department store for great selections and lower costs – they smell just as good as any named brand you will find. Candles are an easy and effective way to add fragrance and ambiance to a space.


Room fans

Another great option is a room fan. While usually not necessary for this time of year, this gift will come in handy on warm summer days, especially if the recipient does not have air conditioning.

Most fans are usually discounted during the colder months. We suggest opting for a quieter option, such as a Dyson or a tower fan to maximize air flow.


Storage Ottoman

Storage ottomans are great gifts for those who live in smaller apartments.


A storage ottoman is a great gift for those who are living in smaller spaces. They allow for extra storage, seating or double as a table. Depending on which style you choose as your gift, we’re sure that they will love that extra space to put away items discreetly!


Gift cards

If you're still searching for ideas, you may decide on a gift card for home decor pieces or everyday needs, including groceries and gas – because who doesn’t like free money!

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