Throughout a crisis, it is best to shelter-in-place until the world has returned to some kind of normalcy. What if you can't safely shelter-in-place? Or your lease is up, and you need to move. How can you do it safely?


Ask About Virtual Alternatives

Steps are being taken around the world to ensure safety is a priority.


While you're looking for a new home, ask the landlord for a virtual tour via a video recording, or a live walkthrough using video conferencing software like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Facetime. Don't be afraid to ask for more images than those that appear on the web listing and ask if they have digital paperwork in-place to limit person-to-person contact.


If you're not comfortable making a decision with virtual viewings and images alone, you can view a suite in-person, and ask the landlord about cleaning measures in place. Avenue Living Communities (ALC) has strict guidelines for social distancing and disinfecting a suite before and after a scheduled appointment.


ALC also took steps early on to implement digital and virtual methods of communication. ALC now offers complete digital lease agreements, virtual tours and walkthroughs, non-contact digital methods of payment, and other tools.


Do Your Research and Plan

Now you've found your new home, it's time to prepare for the actual move. Where you may normally  ask a few friends to help out, borrow a truck to move in a few trips, and reward everyone with a pizza party afterwards, it's now best to plan your move in a single trip with limited contact.


If you're looking for a moving company to help,  do your research and find the best company for you. Ask how are the movers physically distancing? What safety procedures do they have in place?


Prepare Early

It's best to prepare for your move-in day with a tote of cleaning supplies, hand soap, paper towers, and hand sanitizer. If you can access your new home early, you can do a thorough second cleaning of surfaces and rooms yourself before you completely move in. ALC offers free early move-in after the 15th of the month on select homes.


If you do hire a traditional moving company, set up a separate handwashing area for the movers so they can remain safe and sterlized as they move your furniture and boxes.


At ALC we have implemented increased frequency of cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection of all common areas and high-touch points in our properties, and we will continue to do so to ensure the safety of our residents. 


Our teams continue to follow all safety guidelines when working within our properties. This includes the practice of social distancing, cleaning of tools and surfaces when working within a suite, and the use of personal protective equipment like face masks and gloves.


Remain vigilant, act safely, and you should have no problems moving throughout the pandemic.



by Avenue Living Communities