What does it mean to be a 'good' neighbour? That's a good question.

For us, being a good neighbour means supporting those in our communities. It means being mindful of others and living responsibly. You might even find yourself thinking, "am I a good neighbour?"

In this article, we'll walk you through a few ways on how to become a good neighbour, 10 good deeds you can do for your neighbours, and some tips to meet others in your community.

5 Things You Can Do to Be a Good Neighbour 

Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbours

We love it when we get the chance to get to know our residents on a more personal level. Glenna and Bernie – to name a couple – are residents of Avenue Living Communities in Lethbridge.

Glenna and Bernie are very social people. They told us the way they meet others in their community is by simply saying hello. And if the other resident seems interested in chatting, well you know, the rest is history.

Point is, put yourself out there.  And the people you do meet will feel good knowing there is someone near who they can trust.

Be Mindful of Local Bylaws and Quiet Hours

You don't always know your neighbours' situation, so it's always best to be mindful of noise level and respect bylaws like quiet hours. Remember sound travels in the hallways, so keep your voice down when coming home late at night. And keep the music down. Empathy can go a long way. But if you love the tunes into early morning, invest in some quality headphones, a must-buy for apartment living, especially for students.

Clean Up After Yourself and Your Pets

Keeping your community clean is a shared responsibility. And in this context, responsible pet ownership.

When you're out with your pets, go prepared. And of course, the same goes for cleaning up after yourself. Make sure your garbage is placed in a can and not left on the ground.

Understand Property Rules and Why They Exist

Living with Avenue Living Communities is a great experience. You get the advantage of 24-hour resident service, and there's always someone looking out for you. But like we said for your community, there's also a shared responsibility when living in an apartment building.

If your property is smoke-free – like all Avenue Living Communities properties – then make sure you are the required distance away from entryways, windows, and air intakes when smoking.

Learning what you need to know about your new home is the best way to be a good neighbour. Like at Avenue Living Communities, residents are required in the winter to clear snow off their balconies. We advise our residents to carefully remove the snow, being mindful of their neighbours below. Plus, learning what you are allowed to store on your balcony and helping to keep your community looking great benefits everyone.

Good Neighbours Respect Shared Spaces

Living in a shared building not only means respecting the grounds, but also common areas. Dropped your coffee in the hallway? Make an effort to clean it up. And if you can't, contact your property manager to let them know.

If you want to be a good, respectful neighbour, then these few etiquette tips can get you started. But if you want to go even further and make a positive impact on others, read on for easy good deeds you can do for your neighbours right now.

10 Good Deeds to Do in Your Neighbourhood 

There's something amazing about doing good things. Not only will you feel great, but you have the chance to inspire others to do the same. So if you want to go from good neighbour to GREAT neighbour, then sprinkle a few of these throughout your day.

- Mindfully recycle and compost

- Offer to walk your neighbour's pets

- Hold a door or the elevator for a neighbour

- Share your knowledge or a skill with others

- Buy a stranger a coffee on your morning stop

- Take a meal to a new neighbour to welcome them

- Donate unused clothing or items to a local charity

- Write a thank-you note to a neighbour when they least expect it

- Give your phone number to a neighbour in case they ever need anything

- Stop and have a conversation with a neighbour in your apartment building

You don't need to overthink when and where, but keep these in mind as you go about your community.

Maybe you're new to the area and you're eager to meet others. By becoming a good neighbour and doing good deeds you're sure to make friends. But there are many other ways you can find other like-minded people in your city and your area. Read on for the scoop.

How to Meet Others in Your Community

Volunteer or Work in Your Community

If part of being a good neighbour is introducing yourself, then you can go one step further and get actively involved in your community. Consider sharing your skills and donating time to a local organization or non-profit. Try Volunteer Connector to find opportunities that are interesting to you.

Meeting others in your community is even easier when you work where you live. Check out our careers page for opportunities to join your local Avenue Living Communities team.

Use Apps to Meet Others

You could take the digital approach. Of course, in our digital age there are loads of ways to meet like-minded people online. Even so, you can meet people who live in your community by using apps like Meetup.com and classifieds like Kijiji. Search quick and easy by interest and location on Meetup.com. And look in the Community tab for your interests on Kijiji. Have you always wanted to join a book club? There's a group for that. Looking for musicians in your area? Try the classifieds.

Take a Class in the Area

Remember your school days? You might be thinking how simple it was to meet people and make friends. School may have been over for a long time, but that doesn't mean you must stop learning.

Consider taking an evening class at your local post-secondary institution to learn a new skill and meet others at the same time. Or get involved in a yoga, Pilates, or spin class. These are great ways to meet new people and of course, you get the benefits of the class.

Now it's all in your hands. If you want to become a great neighbour, it's simple to start practicing good etiquette in your community. Get out there, take a class, and introduce yourself. Social connection is a wonderful thing. And you'll feel like you belong in no time.

by Avenue Living Communities