When buying a house, there are many different elements to consider before actually closing the deal; renting a place is no different. Before signing a lease, you should feel confident that it is truly the right place for you, so here are some conditions that must be assessed before you decide to say, "I'm home".

  1. Price

This may come across as quite obvious but it's important for you to take a good hard look at your finances and determine what price range you're able to manage. There's no use living in a really expensive unit if you can't afford to do anything else outside of it.


  1. Size

Does it have enough space to fit comfortably everything you currently own in addition to purchases you intend to make? If you plan on living with a roommate, is there enough room to accommodate more than one person? You're better off asking these questions beforehand to avoid being crammed into one bad lease.


  1. Quality

The condition of your living space should evidently be a priority, but if you are looking at apartments, don't forget to inspect the state of the property either. You want to make sure that the rest property is up to date and that it has proper security arrangements to keep out any unwanted guests.


  1. Lease conditions

The circumstances surrounding a lease will often make or break the attractiveness of the unit. Do they allow for pets? How long must you commit? What utilities are included? Be aware of these things before you sign to be certain that you are not swamped in additional fees or that your dog doesn't have to stay at your parent's house.


  1. Location

Don't focus your sights too narrowly on the units without considering the world around them. It's best to find yourself in a safe neighborhood that is also close to the places that you frequent the most often. You may end up spending in gas or transit fares what you thought you were saving by renting that cheap place far out of the way.


  1. Amenities

From washers and dryers to gyms and entertainment rooms; finding a place with several useful amenities can save you time, effort and money during your stay.


  1. Parking

Always be sure to ask about parking arrangements even if you don't own a vehicle. One day that may change and you don't want to be stuck always having to find empty spots on the side busy streets.


  1. Landlord

If they seem unreliable or unpleasant, remember that this is the person you must go to if you ever need assistance. With that being said, don't let a bad landlord deter you from a place that meets all the criteria above but do try to keep it in mind in the process.




by Avenue Living Communities