At Avenue Living Communities, we're all about making safe and friendly living spaces because everyone deserves a secure place to live. That's why we've put together some simple safety tips to help you and your neighbours throughout your resident experience!  

Closing Doors is Important  

In any residential community, safety is paramount, and one crucial aspect that’s often overlooked is the importance of closing doors promptly. Whether entering or exiting the building, ensuring that doors close behind you is not just a matter of convenience but a significant security measure. It helps maintain the integrity of the building's security system and prevents unauthorized access. 

Equally vital is confirming the identity of individuals entering the premises. Whether they are fellow residents or invited guests, being vigilant about who gains access to the building contributes to everyone's overall safety.  

Lock Up Your Space 

Locking up is another fundamental aspect of personal safety within a residential community. This includes securing your doors and keeping personal belongings safe within your suite. Avoid leaving items unattended in hallways or common areas to prevent theft or unauthorized intrusion into your belongings. 

Report Damages  

Reporting any damages or needed repairs in a timely manner is also crucial. Issues with doors, locks, latches or windows should be communicated to building management immediately to address potential security vulnerabilities. This will ensure the security of the building is properly enforced and maintained. 

Acquire Renters Insurance  

Renters insurance is a practical safeguard against unforeseen circumstances. Having adequate coverage ensures the protection of your personal property and liability within your rented space. Also, it provides peace of mind knowing that you are financially accounted for in case of theft, damage or other unexpected events. When you rent at Avenue Living Communities, renters insurance is always required for that extra blanket of protection over your belongings.  

Know your Neighbours  


Building a sense of community among neighbours can foster a safer living environment. Getting to know your neighbours encourages mutual support and enhances overall security. When residents are familiar with each other, they become more vigilant and proactive in watching out for unusual activities or individuals within the building. This increased awareness helps deter potential security threats and promotes a collaborative approach to safety. By cultivating relationships with your neighbours, you build a stronger community while also creating a more resilient defence against possible security risks. 

Monitor the Parking Areas  

So now you’re safe in your building, but it is also essential to be aware of parking lot safety protocols. When you're getting into or out of your car, keep your keys handy for quick access and peace-of-mind. Before getting in, take a quick look inside your car and make sure everything's in order. Always remember to lock your car upon departing and take your valuables with you to prevent any potential issues.  

Additionally, make sure all doors close behind you (if you have a parking garage) and stay alert for any unusual activity. If you see someone suspicious, it's best to play it safe – whether you're coming from your apartment or from your car, quickly return to the safety of the building and inform the right people, like the Property Manager. These simple steps can help create a safer and more pleasant environment for everyone using parking facilities. 

Prepare Before Leaving for Vacation  

Ensuring the safety of your apartment while on vacation requires careful planning and proactive measures. Informing a trusted neighbour of your absence allows for vigilant monitoring of your property and prevents the accumulation of mail or packages, which could inadvertently signal your absence to potential intruders. Additionally, using timers for lights and electronics creates the appearance of occupancy, effectively deterring would-be burglars. However, it's crucial to avoid leaving any notes indicating your absence, as these could inadvertently compromise the security of your apartment. 

Whether you're a long-time resident or just joining us at Avenue Living Communities, let's keep the good vibes flowing and safety measures in place. After all, safe living spaces and friendly faces go hand in hand, right? Let's make sure every moment in our communities is as secure and enjoyable as possible! 

by Avenue Living Communities