Avenue Living Communities, a leading property management company in Canada, has joined forces with Zenbase, to pioneer a service allowing automated and verified rent reporting through CreditBuilder. This groundbreaking partnership aims to benefit over 25,000 residents by enabling them to establish their personal credit through their existing rent payments, regardless of their payment method. With this partnership, residents can unlock a multitude of financial opportunities, reduce interest payments and build a verified and sharable rent payment history. 

"Avenue Living Communities and Zenbase are creating access to credit and financial opportunities for a significant number of residents across their communities," says Koray Can Oztekin (CEO and Founder of Zenbase) in a Zenbase blog.   

He emphasizes the partnership's commitment to redesigning rent payments, particularly for economically curious individuals, including newcomers to Canada, with a mission to provide equitable financial access.  

Avenue Living Communities takes pride in being the first property manager in Canada to adopt an innovative rent reporting program such as CreditBuilder. By integrating this revolutionary service into our operations, Avenue Living Communities is dedicated to delivering positive social impact and empowering our residents from a financial perspective.  

Avenue Living Communities COO, Louise Elsey, expresses her delight in enhancing the partnership with Zenbase through the CreditBuilder program. She highlights this significant economic advantage is made available to every resident, ensuring that the financial future of everyone calling Avenue Living Communities home is positively impacted.  

“With residents always top-of-mind, integrating CreditBuilder into our ever-evolving business aligns with our commitment to providing service excellence and innovative solutions,” says Elsey.  

Considering Zenbase's automated and verified rent reporting service and the integration of CreditBuilder, Avenue Living Communities is setting a new standard for property management in Canada. By enabling residents to build personal credit through their rent payments, Avenue Living Communities is empowering their residents with the tools to access better financial services to establish a validated and sharable rent payment history.  

How residents can use the program: 

- Sign up and enable CreditBuilder with Zenbase: Residents can take advantage of the CreditBuilder program by registering HERE to start building their credit history. The best part? As an Avenue Living Communities resident, this service is completely complimentary for you! 

- Confirm your identity: Residents will need to verify their identity through a secure process to ensure accurate reporting. 

- Pay your rent: Residents can make their current rent payments through Avenue Living Communities or sign up to split their rent with Zenbase. Note: you do not need to split your rent to utilize the CreditBuilder service.  

- Automatically have your rent payments reported to Equifax: Zenbase's advanced system automatically reports the rent payments to Equifax, a trusted credit bureau, to strengthen residents' credit profiles. 

For more information or for help with signing up, please reach out to Zenbase’s Customer Service Team HERE.  

By following these steps, Avenue Living Communities residents can effortlessly participate in the program and start reaping the benefits of building a credit history and creating more financial opportunities.  

Take control of your financial future and unlock a world of possibilities for a brighter tomorrow! 

by Avenue Living Communities