It’s the first week of classes for many university and college students across Canada, and we know that a new school year often means a new apartment, especially for those who attend school in a city outside of their hometown. Trying to think of everything you need for a new place can be overwhelming, so we decided to make this handy checklist to make sure that you remember everything you may need.

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Furniture is the most important thing, of course, but there are a few items on this list that we know are often forgotten by movers but always needed: cleaning supplies are necessary when unpacking, as some of your furniture may have gotten a bit dirty or dusty during transit, and flatware and glasses will need to be rinsed off before being put away; having a power drill and set of tools is essential when wanting to hang shelves or artwork; and you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is trying to take a shower without a shower curtain.

While this is especially helpful for you students who are heading back to class this week or next, the checklist is useful for anybody who is moving. Feel free to print off and share with friends!
And one more move-in tip: assemble your bed first. You need somewhere to sleep after that long day of moving, and everything else can wait until the next day if you’re too tired!

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