Fall is here, leaves are falling, and pumpkin spice fills the air. It's time to break out those heavy blankets and put away the items that remind you of summer because the colder weather calls for a change of scenery in your apartment.

One great tip to make your house feel like a home is to reflect on the current season's feeling. This can be done in a simple way, like lighting a fall-smelling candle, or you can really go for it and change the whole atmosphere in your space!

Fall is also the perfect time to make your apartment feel cozier as the weather gets colder.  A chunky blanket, knit decorations, or even a new carpet can accomplish this. So, we have put together a list of items you’ll fall for, so you can make your home feel cozier for the season!

Now you not only can choose a venue for living, but for creating a home!

Chunky blankets

Image of a green chunky blanket to make your apartment feel more cozy for fall.

Investing in a nice heavy throw blanket is one of the easiest ways to make a room more comfortable and inviting for fall. It will not only keep you warm while enjoying a movie on a colder night, but it also is an easy way to bring in some colour for the season. You also can swap out blankets easily to change the atmosphere in the space, or if you would like to be more economical, you can make your own because these types of blankets only require a string and your hands!


Candles make your space feel more cozy and can be a great way to bring in the fall season.


Everyone loves a nice-smelling candle. For fall, we suggest getting a candle that smells like pumpkin spice, woody like a cider/pine tree, or whatever your heart desires. By just placing a candle in your living space, you are creating a cozy environment with a simple flame.

Pro tip: try using candles that are of different sizes and layer them together like the image above or even create a pumpkin layout around your candle for some extra spice!

Fall Wreaths

Wreaths are a fun activity to make with the family and a great way to bring in the fall season.

Another great option for making your apartment feel like the current season is to make your own wreath! This option is great for families to create a personalized item for the season and to have more quality time with the family!

Wreaths are easy to make and cost-effective for those who want to spice up their space on a budget. You can get the materials from your local dollar store or even use the items you find outside.

Pro tip: you can add dried fruit to your wreath. All you need to do to make dried fruit is to slice up some oranges and apples and roast them on the lowest level of your stove for around four to six hours, stirring every 30 minutes.

Pumpkins Everywhere

Pumpkins are the best way to bring the fall season into your home, and they look great!

If you really love fall, you can get some real or fake pumpkins to put around your apartment. Some great places to showcase them are on your dining table, coffee table, credenza or even at your doorstep. Pumpkins are a great way to bring colour into your space, and if you want to get fancy, you could get multiple pumpkins of different colours/sizes and display them with some dried leaves, see the inspiration photo above.

Switch Out Small Décor Items

Switch the small items in your home, for an easy simple way to make your home more cozy for fall.

Another great option is to update the small things -- a little change can make the biggest difference; for instance, if you have kitchen towels, try opting for a different colour or one with a fall design. By switching them out, your space will feel more intriguing to the eye while adding a bit more of your own personality to it!

Some other items to consider changing in the fall could be throw pillows, bathroom hand towels, coffee mugs, and even coasters! These items can be found at your local dollar store, thrift stores, and Ikea; we always suggest taking a walk through HomeSense for some inspiration.

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