When you finally get that off-campus rental, there are many things to consider when furnishing your first apartment. You will have questions about what to get, what looks best in the space, and how you can make your apartment feel like a home. Which is why we have put together a list of items you should consider when shopping for your first off-campus apartment.

One of the biggest questions you might consider is, “How you can maximize the space in your apartment?” This question can be tricky, but home furnishings are always evolving, so here are a couple of items that can help you with utilizing your space accurately.

A coffee table that can also double as a desk

A coffee table that can change into a desk.

For instance, this coffee table will not only hold your TV remotes but will also serve as a great place to do your homework, as it can be lifted to work as a desk! Also, this provides you with more space, and you won't have to worry about getting an office chair as your couch can now be used as both, which is even better for those late-night study sessions.

Find the desk here.

A bedframe that has storage space

A black bedframe that has storage underneath.


Another great option to save room in your bedroom is to opt for a bedframe that also has storage underneath. This will give you extra surface area, so you don’t have to get a dresser and allows you to utilize your space for more décor or items you love.

Find the bedframe here.

Personalize your living room with pillows and blankets

In order to make your place feel like a home, one of the easiest and most affordable ways is to add decorative pillows and throw blankets. They not only will make your apartment feel nice and cozy but also can give your space a pop of colour to showcase your own personal style.

See some inspirational images below!

Decorative green pillows on a grey couch.

Inspiration of throw pillows that are orange and white.


Lighting can change everything

Lighting in your apartment is often one of the most underlooked items that can transform your apartment. It can not only make your space look brighter, but it can change the whole ambiance of each room.

If you like a softer feel in your home, try opting for lighting fixtures that are made of soft materials or a 2,000k to 3,000k light bulb. Bulbs in this range will produce a warm white colour that suits bedrooms, living rooms, or dining rooms. However, if you like a brighter and cooler atmosphere, you can also opt for a bulb that’s between 3,500K to 4,500K which is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms as it helps with detail and clarity.

There are also unconventional lighting options that you can use to amplify your aesthetic. For instance, fairy lights or outdoor lighting bulbs can be hung in your space for a more industrial/fantasy feel. Or you can opt for LED strip lights that can change colours for any occasion.

See below inspirational images.

Moody lighting for a bedroom, with a lamp.

Inspirational lighting for a living room.

LED strip lights in a kitchen.



One more must-have item is a large mirror. Mirrors are a great opportunity to make a statement or to make a room feel bigger. They create an illusion that fills up the wall and reflects your space to feel larger. As a plus, there are many different styles of mirrors that you can choose from, and if you are not very handy – you can also opt for a standing mirror that doesn’t require all the hassle of hanging one!

Large gold mirror that opens up the space in a living room.

These are just a few of the many renter-friendly tips that we provide, and if you do take some inspiration from us and don’t know how to hang something on your wall – make sure to reach out to your building maintenance person. Every Avenue Living Communities property always has someone on hand for you to reach out to if you have any questions or need an extra hand to make your space feel like a home!

by Avenue Living Communities