At Avenue Living Communities, we strive to achieve the highest standard of property maintenance. Sometimes, however, repairs or upkeep may be needed – that's why our call center is open seven days a week, with emergency contacts available around the clock in all of our Centers.

New this month, we initiated a tenant outreach program at all Avenue Living Communities properties, to ensure that tenants' concerns are dealt with effectively and in a timely manner.

Going forward, our call center will place follow-up calls after our maintenance team notifies us that a tenant's work order has been closed, to check that the requested repair has been completed, with satisfactory results.

We will also be pro-active in our communications about repairs that affect all tenants. For example, if the boiler is broken, we will place door hangers at each unit, notifying everyone that our maintenance team has been alerted, and stating the date by which the issue will be resolved.

We will also post notices of upcoming general repairs and renovations, including the roof, new carpets, balconies and windows. Tenants will be able to find these updates in common areas such as the laundry room.

Thanks to all our tenants, and please do not hesitate to call if you need us!


by Communications Team