Downsizing doesn't need to mean that you're downgrading from what you once had. See it as an opportunity to be tied to fewer possessions, which can be a very gratifying way to live. In the event that you decide to make the transition to an apartment, you should follow these steps to be certain that you don't feel claustrophobic and you're able to really enjoy your new space.


Step 1 - Plan ahead

When you undergo downsizing it's important to start early. You'll want to be sure that you give yourself plenty of time to work out the details of the move without being too rushed. Make yourself a schedule of when you plan to pack every room in your current house and try to have arrangements made to transport all of your belongings over to your apartment weeks before the actual move.


Step 2 - Measure

Evidently, the biggest factor in downsizing is the decrease in living space. You'll want to take some time to visit your new apartment and take measurements of the entire suite while you're there. It's very likely that you won't be able to fit everything you currently own. Compare these to your furniture dimensions furniture and other larger possessions to determine what you're able to bring with you.



Step 3 - Take inventory

No matter how hard it is, some of your things will inevitably be left behind. When it's time to go through all your belongings, a good way to decide on whether or not an item is worth bringing is asking yourself if you'd replace it if you ever lost it. Also, try to minimize any duplicate items you may have as you're going to be tight on space. Lose the excess. Before leaving, prepare a plan to sell, donate, or dispose of any items that don't make the cut.


Step 4 - Prepare storage needs

Once you've moved into your new apartment, it'll be time to arrange all of your things. You'll quickly notice that you're going to need to store a lot of it. Be sure to have plenty of different storage options on hand whether it's shelves, plastic containers or other organizational tools so you're able to immediately live in a box-free and clutter-free space.


Step 5 - Prepare for downtime

At last, you're all moved in. You're unpacked and your new place is starting the come together. The final step of your transition is happening. Now, appreciate all the free time you've got on your hands. Long gone are the days of maintenance and yard work, other are now responsible for that now. So, lay back, and kick up your feet... you're home.



by Avenue Living Communities