This Halloween was not only filled with scares in Redcliff, Alta., as the Redcliff Action Society for Youth raised more than $27,000 thanks to community participation and business sponsors, during their Glass House Haunting fundraiser to secure valuable funding. 


As the pressures of COVID-19 are felt financially across the globe, community non-profit organizations struggle to maintain their revenue streams, especially during city-wide lockdowns and event restrictions. 


Jenae Ulrich, Executive Director, Redcliff Action Society for Youth, says the organization's usual spring and summer fundraising events were not feasible, making this Halloween event an important revenue stream to secure funds. These funds make it possible for them to continue to provide a variety of free educational and recreational programs for Redcliff's youth population. 


"This event certainly helped to alleviate the pressure of lost funding," says Ulrich. "Without the support of Avenue Living Communities (ALC), the event would not have been nearly as successful." 


Redcliff's youth volunteers were supported by ALC and a variety of other community partners and sponsors, to provide financial, advertising, and volunteer support to ensure the event hosted at the Redcliff Youth Centre went as planned. 


"It was for a great cause," says Shawn Cockerill, a maintenance associate at ALC, who volunteered working security and greeting guests on two nights of the 16-night event. "I am really pleased with the outcome and was happy to help."


Ulrich says community partners such as the Medicine Hat & District Food Bank, Chat TV and the Jim Patterson Broadcasting Group, showed their full support to ensure the event was a success. "We are so thankful we have been able to give back to our community and provide a fun event with our partners and sponsors, especially during this time."  


Other sponsors included Spirt Halloween, Rigs Roofing, Sun City Ford and Rocc Lending & Services.  


Just shy of 7,000 guests braved the haunt, an attendance Ulrich says was 'outstanding,' as all played a part in raising more than 3,000 lbs of food for the Medicine Hat & District Food Bank, as well as the financial capital raised. 


"The food bank is a great community resource," says Jennifer Moynihan, a leasing specialist at ALC and volunteer at the Glass Haunted House event. "I am always looking for ways to give back to my community, and I look forward to more opportunities to volunteer in the future."  


It's not the first time ALC has been involved in fundraising to support food security. When the first wave of COVID-19 struck communities across Canada, ALC donated $100,000 to local food banks within their 18 communities in Western Canada. In 2019, they also lead their own fundraiser for the Medicine Hat & District Food Bank, raising a total of $15,000 from monetary and food donations collected in their offices and rental properties. 


Redcliff is a small town of 5,600 residents, located just north of Medicine Hat, Alta., where ALC manages a variety of apartments and townhomes for rent. Redcliff is also home to a self-storage facility owned and operated by Mini Mall Storage Properties, a trust within the Avenue Living portfolio. They offer smart storage solutions to residents of ALC properties in Medicine Hat, and surrounding communities. 


"This event surpassed expectations while bringing the community together in remarkable ways," says Ulrich. "We are so fortunate to have such a compassionate community." 


If you would like to contribute to Redcliff Action Society for Youth or Medicine Hat & District Food Bank, you can donate by clicking the organization you wish to support. 


by Avenue Living Communities