Finding the right gift for someone during the holidays can be stressful, and it can be even harder if the person you are buying for needs rental-friendly items. So, we have put together a gift list for those who are renting an apartment or townhome. These are ideas, big and small, that will spark a smile from the person you are shopping for this holiday season. 

Check out the top items on everyone's list – even if they don’t know it yet! 

All-in-One Vacuum Mop  

Our top gift for this season is an All-in-one vacuum mop, and it's a game-changer for apartment living! Ideal for those who appreciate efficiency and a sparkling space, this innovative gadget combines the power of a vacuum with the convenience of mopping, delivering a double punch to dirt and spills. Your giftee will never have to worry about cleaning the floors again with this upgraded vacuum.  

Pro tip: If you are looking for someone who lives in an apartment with carpet, we suggest a Dyson Vacuum. “The Dyson vacuum we received was the best gift ever! It makes cleaning so easy and fast with all the extra accessories you can get. We've had ours for nearly ten years without any issues,” said an Avenue Living Communities team member. 

Roomba vacuum 

Adding another fantastic item to our list is the Roomba—a robotic vacuum that takes cleaning to a whole new level. This smart device familiarizes itself with the layout of your apartment and autonomously tackles cleanup tasks. According to another of our team members, "a Roomba is a fantastic gift; it keeps your space tidy, even when you're not home." 

With a Roomba, there's no need to lift a finger, making it a wonderful solution for effortless maintenance. 

Any type of vacuum is great for those looking for that additional level of cleaning and, with many options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one. 

Oil Diffuser 


Elevate the apartment living space with an oil diffuser that brings tranquillity and relaxation. This stylish and practical gift creates a calming and aromatic atmosphere, turning any room into a soothing sanctuary for moments of unwinding and self-care. It's a great gift for those who prefer their space always filled with a fresh scent.  

Potable Washing Machine  

A mini portable washing machine is an ideal gift for apartment dwellers without in-suite laundry. Its compact design suits limited spaces, and its generous capacity ensures efficient laundry handling. The washer's portability makes it a thoughtful and practical gift for simplifying laundry without sacrificing space or convenience. Transform the laundry experience for your loved ones with this space-saving, efficient gift like this one from Amazon.  


Transform ordinary movie nights into cinematic experiences with a compact projector. An innovative idea, it can bring the magic of the big screen to the comfort of their home, making it a perfect addition for film enthusiasts and those who love to host memorable movie viewings. 

Portable Folding Desk 


Ideal for those working or studying from home, a folding desk is a space-saving solution that combines functionality with versatility. This thoughtful gift adapts to any living space, providing a dedicated area for productivity without compromising on style. 

Smart Home Devices 

Revolutionize their living space with the gift of smart home devices, adding a touch of modern convenience and efficiency. From smart thermostats to voice-activated assistants, these gadgets make daily tasks easier, creating a connected and streamlined home environment. And, as a plus, smart devices may just become the biggest home trend of the upcoming year!  

Room fans 


Another great option is a room fan. While usually not necessary for this time of year, this gift will come in handy on warm summer days, especially if the recipient does not have air conditioning in their home. 

Most fans are usually discounted during the colder months. We suggest opting for a quieter option, such as a Dyson or a tower fan, to also maximize airflow.

Storage Ottoman 

A storage ottoman is a great gift for those who are living in smaller spaces. Not only do they create another storage option, but also additional seating and even serve as a table, as well. Depending on which one you choose as a gift, we’re sure they will love that extra space to put away items discreetly! 

Tabletop Fireplace 


Add a cozy and inviting touch to their home with a tabletop fireplace. This unique and appealing gift brings warmth and ambiance to any space, creating a focal point for gatherings or quiet evenings by the fire. They are perfect for those who appreciate a touch of elegance in their living space. 

Pro tip: Make sure never to leave an open flame unattended; for reminders on apartment fire safety – check our fire safety tips!    

Hosting Essentials  


Do you have a friend who just moved and loves throwing parties? Boost your gift game with some awesome serving dishes! Imagine a sleek charcuterie board, some classy new knives or maybe a festive holiday platter. Talk about a perfect present for the host with the most! Plus, these gifts will add a stylish element to their new place, turning every gathering into a fashionable affair. 

And here's the pro tip: If you want to seriously impress your giftee, consider splurging a bit on a top-notch chopping block. We're talking about one that stands the test of time, like this gem from Etsy. It's not just a gift; it's a kitchen upgrade that lasts! 


Sprinkle some excitement into your gifts with a fantastic spice collection! Imagine giving your pals a set of top-notch spices to make their home-cooked meals go from ordinary to extraordinary. It's like a flavour party in a box!  

And here's a cool tip: go the extra mile by blending spice mixes on your own. It's a cost-effective gift that will keep your friends coming back for more! 

Gift cards  

If you're still searching for ideas, you may decide on a gift card for home decor pieces or everyday needs, including groceries and gas, because who doesn’t like free money? 

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by Avenue Living Communities