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Covid-19 Information



We're Stronger Together

This is indeed a challenging and trying time for everyone, with many more questions, it seems, than answers. 

We are all in this together. As such, we are taking strides to help our residents navigate the unknown with the things we can control to create a safer environment for all.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we are dedicated to keeping you informed on a daily basis. These communications may shed light on our current situation, give answers to frequently asked questions, and provide insights on the things going on around us.




What Are We Doing to Help?

  • Contact-free virtual viewing

We know moving right now comes with additional challenges. With respect to social distancing, we are providing contact-free virtual viewings for those looking for a new home. The whole move-in process has been altered with your safety in mind.

  • Downloadable digital lease applications and renewals

Know you can stay home and stay safe with new leases and renewals that can be completed safely online via our digital application and renewal forms.

  • Increased cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection in our properties

We are dedicated to ensuring the cleanliness of the shared common areas in our properties. To reduce the risk of infection, high-touch points such as door handles, intercom buttons, handrails, elevator buttons, and laundry appliances are disinfected regularly.

  • Remote online payment options

Our residents wanted more ways to pay their rent. We increased the number of ways to pay with a focus on digital, contact-free methods such as EFT payment, Interac e-Transfer, post-dated cheques or money order, and pre-authorized credit or debit card.

  • Weekly payment plan bundles

Some of our residents may be receiving their income on a weekly basis. To help you manage your finances during these tough times, we have introduced weekly payment plans with all fees combined into an easy-to-manage weekly payment.

  • Dedicated support teams for residents

To get dedicated advice and assistance throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we set up two communication channels for residents. These channels are there to help residents cope and navigate daily life amid the pandemic. Those who are facing financial difficulty or need help with basic needs such as grocery shopping can find guidance with our friendly representatives. Please see below for more information.


*Scroll down to the bottom for additional resources.



Dedicated Contact Lines

  • Prairie Relief Team

Our Prairie Relief Team is available during regular operating hours to assist current residents with questions about their lease as well as payment concerns. This team can help our residents navigate a tough financial time with direction to financial resources provided by the Canadian Government.

Phone: 1-855-247-1492



  • Community Task Force

Our Community Task Force is a dedicated resident support line for those who are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in ways where they are unable to perform usual tasks. This team can help vulnerable residents get groceries, walk their dog, and even provide some friendly advice. Residents who are interested in helping with our Community Task Force in their property or area are also encouraged to reach out to our team.

Phone: 1-855-247-1492





Stay informed with our frequent updates, advice, and changes to our business operations via our news and blog content.

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