When you move into an apartment, some might think you might not have enough space to exercise that green thumb, but you are wrong. There are many alternative ways you can still garden if you don’t have a yard.

From flowers to vegetables, we have put together a list of ways you can still garden when renting an apartment.

Community gardens

One of the best ways to get the full gardening experience is to be a part of a community garden. Community gardens are a piece of land created by a group of people that work together to create a sustainable food source. The garden is divided into several individual plots where each person is responsible for their own piece of land for the season.

Several of our locations have community gardens that you can be a part of, and as a plus, they are complimentary! For instance, our Kenwood community garden in Edmonton has two large plots of land where you can grow carrots, tomatoes, celery, rhubarb, or whatever your heart desires.

Most Avenue Living Communities (ALC) community gardens use a first come, first serve model. So, make sure you get out there early to get your spot.

If you need more information on how to be a part of ALC’s community gardens, please reach out to your leasing agent.

Image of Vanier Woods community gardens in Red Deer, where any Avenue Living Communities resident can grow plants and veggies complimentary.

If you don’t have a community garden at your property, you can still participate by finding one in your area. For instance, several Avenue Living Communities (ALC) properties in Calgary are located near the Bankview community garden.

The Bankview community garden has up to 30 plots available for a nominal fee per season. Like most community gardens, you must be a resident in the area and register through their portal before the season starts. So, make sure you check out the community gardens in your area and take advantage of all that green space!


Indoor gardening

Indoor gardening can be a little more complicated than gardening in an outdoor garden. First, you must consider how much light you have in your apartment, the space, and what plants grow best indoors. 

For example, try finding a place near a larger window with lots of light and reposition your furniture, so there's space to put your plants near a window.

Next, try using drainage pots to eliminate that horrible root rot. Then, find a table or ledge that fits the pot, pick your desired plant, and get planting. 

Here are some suggestions of plants that grow best indoors:

Low Light

  • - Pothos
  • - Heart-leaf philodendron
  • - Snake plant
  • - Arrowhead vine
  • - Cast iron plant
  • - Dieffenbachia
  • - Chinese evergreen
  • - Peace lily
  • - African violet

Bright Light

  • - Norfolk Island pine
  • - Dracaena
  • - Fiddle-leaf fig
  • - Spider plant
  • - Croton
  • - Jade
  • - Rubber plant

If you want to grow veggies and herbs indoors, try investing in a grow light. A grow light will allow you to grow plants in any area, even away from the windows! So, roll up those sleeves, grow those indoor plants, and make your living space even more beautiful.


Patio Gardening

Another way to grow plants during the summer is to take advantage of your balcony space. Many of our apartments at Avenue Living Communities have balconies with lots of light so you can grow veggies steps away from your kitchen.

However, there are several things to consider when planning to garden on your balcony. First, check with your leasing agent if it is allowed, and ensure that your balcony can handle the weight of what you are growing. Some deep pots can be heavy. We suggest opting for multiple smaller pots so that you can move them around more easily.

Some of our residents have been utilizing their balconies for years. "I've been gardening on my balcony for almost four years, and I love it. This building allows me to grow tomatoes, flowers, peppers, and whatever I want. If I can grow it in a bucket, I'm at least going to try." says one of our current residents.

Image of a current ALC resident’s patio where they grow plants and veggies during the summer months.

Here are some suggestions for plants that can grow on a balcony:

  • - Succulents
  • - Anything with a coastal vibe, meaning it’s designed to thrive amid high winds and temps—think sea holly, sea kale, and cordyline
  • - Small-sized shrubs and trees that grow well in containers, like boxwood, lemon tree, bay laurel, or hydrangeas
  • - Fun, colourful annuals like canna and hibiscus
  • - Produce that grows well in containers, like bush tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, and greens

ALC gardening

Image of the Avenue Living Communities team and residents planting flowers at the entrance of the Cameron County building in Edmonton.

Another great option to exercise your green thumb is to participate in making Avenue Living Communities properties a little livelier. Several of our properties have been getting together to create a sense of community by having growing beds for flowers - making the entrance brighter and more welcoming for everyone. In addition, many of our residents help with planting flowers, weeding, and watering plants. 

One of our residents at our Christopher County location in Edmonton, Alberta, has been working on this garden for over five years! 

Image of a garden that one of the residents has been working on for over five years.

If you would like to participate in this activity, you can contact your maintenance associate, who can direct you on how you can participate.

Now that you have all the different possible ways to garden in your apartment, you can go out there and enjoy growing the perfect garden for your home.

No yard, no problem!

by Avenue Living Communities